How to Make Glow in the Dark Paint without Blacklight

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You can wish to make glow paint at home. If your budget is short, you need a little amount of paint, or you are not getting a suitable paint from the market, then your wish is legit. There are so many ways of making homemade paints. But which one is easier? Which one will make the paint glow without blacklight? To help you get rid of all these confusions, we will tell how to make glow in the dark paint without blacklight.

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Types of Glow in the Dark Paints in the Market

As we mentioned earlier, we are going to tell you how to make exterior glow in the dark paint which doesn't require any sorts of black light. So, we want to show you some core differences between the two basic types of glow paints. After knowing the classification, you can understand the method of making the paint. You can also know which elements you should buy for making the paint. So, here is a discussion on two major types of glow paints you can see in the market.

Fluorescent paint

Such types of paints are not in the main part of our further discussion. Because the paint requires black light to glow in the dark.

This type of paint needs to get charged when it has to glow. Such paints are unable to store energy from sunlight or other sources of lights. That is why you must use the black light to get the particles of the paint charged and glow at the very moment.

As we want to show the process of making such a glow in the dark paint that doesn't need black light, we advise you to avoid this paint's elements in the further procedure.

Phosphorescent paint

This type is the most useful and vital type of glow paints in the market. People mostly apply this paint on their crafts, walls, or ceilings for glowing.

The type contains phosphors. It has the feature of Luminescence. Because of this, phosphors store energy from any source of light for a quite long time. They release the energy by glowing when they are in dark.

Phosphorescent glow paints don't need the blacklight for glowing. They are easy to use. All you need to do is to put the paint under sunlight or other sources of light for a few hours to get recharged.

The Way you can make Glow in the Dark paint

There are several ways you can make glow in the dark paint. You can find all the necessary elements in the market to make glow paints at home. We have done some experiments and found out one way that is pretty useful and easy. We are about to show you that one method today. You can follow the method and make glow in the dark paint within an hour.

But before that, let us tell you what you need to buy for making glow paints at home.

Necessary Stuff for Making Glow in the Dark Paint

Here is the list of all the necessary items:

  • Gloves
  • An apron
  • Some old newspapers
  • Few containers
  • A spoon or stick
  • A weight measuring machine
  • A packet of phosphorescent powder
  • A jar of normal paint

Step #1

Put some old newspapers on the top of your table. It can keep your table clean, and you don't have to face any trouble at all.

Step #2

Wear gloves properly to keep your skin safe. You can also wear an apron if the quantity of paint and powder is more than usual. But make sure your gloves and apron are good in quality.

Step #3

Now you have to open the packet of phosphorescent powder and put them in a jar or container. Here, you need to buy the powder according to the type of paint you have. So, think before using any packet of phosphorescent powder.

Another thing you need to concern is the size of the particles in the powder. Both small and large particles have different facilities. So, pick according to your wish.

Step #4

Now, pick plain paint as a medium. You can also pick a jar of paint in color if you want to make the paint visible in dark.

Step #5

In this step, you have to use the weight measuring machine. Fill an empty container or bowl with both powder and paint. The powder should be 20 percent, and the paint should be 80 percent in that bowl.

Take time while using the machine to measure the weight carefully. A small blunder can ruin the mixture.

Step #6

Stir the powder and paint for few minutes. Make sure the mixture becomes much smoother.

Step #7

You can use a little bit of powder more into the mixture if you want the mixture thicker. You can also use paint in it to make thinner.

Step #8

After all these, your mixture is ready for use. Use it as quickly as possible on any object for better result.

Some Useful Tips

The method we have discussed seems pretty easy. Anybody can follow our guideline for making better glow in the dark paint in a tight budget. But to complete the process of making glow paints, you need to take care of some safety issues and other facts. Such facts can put some serious impression on your homemade paint. The facts are described in easy words below for your good.

  • You should not let phosphors contact with your skin. Sometimes, phosphorescent powders can give you skin infection.
  • Always buy non-toxic ingredients.
  • Small particles of the powder make paint smoother but less bright. So, use large particles for a brighter result.
  • The newly made paint can stay well for almost a couple of hours. That is why you need to use it sooner before it gets worse.
  • If you are willing to store the paint, use an airtight can for storing.

In Fine

Glow in the dark paints is getting famous day by day. The demand for glow paints is also rising higher too. So, many companies are selling quality ingredients of glow paints in the market to let people make glow paints in their home. We have shown you the easiest way to make glow in the dark paint. All you have to do is buy quality stuff and follow our words. You will surely get the best result.

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