Marble Effect Worktops That Are Absolutely Irresistible

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Whether you are obsessed with the interior designs of your house or not, you may have found yourself often asking, "Are marble worktops good for my place?" Marble may not be quite as popular as granite, but if you love to add some sparkle, these stones are your friend in need. The subtle beauty and sheen can add timeless elegance to any space that it is installed in. It is perfectly suited for your kitchen and bathrooms. The luminous and luxurious stone introduces a crisp contrast that other materials like granite cannot replicate.

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While you may be splitting hairs over choosing the perfect marble for your worktops, we suggest you take a breather. Yes, the natural stone is popular for its sheer beauty which can uplift the aura of your home like nothing else, but it comes at a price. Real or natural marble stones vary in prices, and some high-quality ones are quite expensive. Furthermore, natural marble is porous and is quite often susceptible to stains and scratches. It is time you give those alternatives a try, and here is why you need to.

Afford It? Buy It!

What do you do when you want the double benefits of having a snazzy worktop and do not want to compromise too much expense-wise? You get your house a marble effect worktop! Compared to natural marble, these are low cost while radiating the same glaze as any natural stone would do. Bring home the perfectly recreated beauty on your own budget while achieving an indistinguishable high quality.

Not an Attention Seeker

Natural marbles are quite often a pain in the neck and need a lot of pampering. The level of maintenance they require is quite high, and let's face it, you have been very patient. While marble worktops will make you run around trying to keep it working and glossy, the ones with marble effect will save you both your energy and time. All you need is water, soap, and cloth.

Loyalty in Its DNA

While many remain bemused with the storytelling abilities that natural marbles have, they can be really annoying. They will never stop changing in patterns and are bound to destroy the consistency of the designs. For those who love themselves a committed pattern that reflects the character, marble effect worktops, or tiles are the best choice. The color and pattern tend to remain loyal throughout.

Marble Almighty

Marble look pretty heavy and is often difficult to work with. While the weight may give you false hopes of strength and durability, the natural ones are porous and more prone to cracks and chips. If you are tired of replacing and repairing, marble effect worktops will uplift your spirits. Not only are they lighter, but more durable and resistant. You can break your toxic cycle of repairing and refurbishing every few years. They are made to withstand high volumes of traffic.

A Fighter

It is common knowledge that marble is a porous stone which is often home to bacteria. These are the larger manifestations that are a result of food spillage or water flooding over the surface. You do not have to shift tastes to find something with the exact opposite qualities. Marble effect worktops are a non-porous guarantee and shield against harmful bacteria and spillages.

Borrow, Don't Break

While you may find marble limiting in various aspects and would love some spark in your home, you may want to hunt for the marble effect worktops made from quartz, granite, porcelain, and ceramic. Yes, we know we are referring to other stones other than marble, but this magic works! These stones and materials boast a wide variety of colors and patterns that you can choose from.

Finesse Finish

While these man-made worktops do leave you worry-free for years, you can learn to play around with these if they get too stale for your tastes. Complete customization of these worktops are available, and you can make your house look exactly like what you want. By choosing your finish, you can either install the worktops with a reflective surface or get one done later when they bore you out.

If you are still staring at this screen and not rushing to furnish your house already, you are absolutely missing out. Bring home the affordable comforts, as well as the luxury of marble effect worktops today!

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