How to Repel Mosquitoes: 8 Simple Tips for Agents and Home Sellers

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Nothing stops a buyer from buying a house quite like getting bitten by mosquitoes during a showing. These how to repel mosquitoes tips are a life-saver.

Walnuts are good for hiding furniture scratches, onions relieve the pain from a bee sting, and drinking gin and tonic is great for keeping mosquitoes away. 

Whether you call them home remedies or dismiss them as old wives' tales, there's often a grain of truth in these sometimes odd life hacks. And we certainly wouldn't say no to a G&T, especially if it helps us avoid mosquito bites!

But how do you keep mosquitoes away from a house? Showing potentially mosquito-ridden homes to prospective buyers is a big concern for many realtors during mosquito season. 

Check out these top tips to find out how to repel mosquitoes and keep your buyers bite free!


1. Remove All Standing Water

Leaving standing water around the yard is like rolling out the red carpet for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes reproduce in standing water, and can even do so in the tiny amount of water it would take to fill a bottle cap.

This makes it vital to empty out any rainwater that's collected in the garden in preparation for Florida's mosquito season.

Common culprits are pool covers and empty plant pots. And make sure to get rid of birdbaths as these are an easy target for mosquitoes. Keep the drain lines and gutters clear too. A build-up of leaves and branches can cause rainwater to pool and attract mosquitoes. 

It's also important to act fast. Mosquito eggs only take four days to mature into nymphs. So if it rains on a Tuesday you'll need to remove any standing water before the weekend. 


2. Keep the Yard Under Control

Overgrown bushes and lawns full of tall grass create the kind of cool and shady habitat that mosquitoes love.

Talk to the homeowners about cutting back the high grass and trim the bushes to help keep mosquitoes out of the yard. Cutting back any overgrown foliage also allows the sun to dry up the wet areas of the garden that mosquitoes are likely to hang out in. 

You should also advise the homeowners to fill any uneven terrain in the garden with topsoil and plant grass seed. Covering any dips in this way stops rainwater from collecting in them and creating a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. 


3. Burn Incense

When it comes to learning how to keep mosquitoes away from a house, it pays to know their dislikes. And top of that list is fragrant smoke. 

Burn some incense sticks in the yard and close to the home's entrance points to ensure that mosquitoes won't dare to enter the house. Look for incense sticks with ingredients like cloves, eucalyptus, and citronella for optimal mosquito-repelling power. 


4. Singe Coffee Grounds

If you don't have any incense to hand then try this hack for keeping mosquitoes away instead.

All you need to do is leave some coffee grounds in a bowl to dry out. Once they're ready, singe the grounds with a lighter to release the strong caffeine scent that mosquitoes hate. 


5. Use Fans Outside

Air conditioning is better at keeping you cool in summer but fans have the added benefit of reducing mosquito landings by up to 65 percent. 

The breeze of a fan makes it difficult for mosquitoes to keep to their flight path. But fans also help to disperse the carbon dioxide emitted by humans when we breathe. Carbon dioxide is what guides mosquitoes towards humans when they're looking to feed. So, by helping to reduce the concentration of this compound, fans throw mosquitoes of the scent. 

This is why it's common to see porch fans in hot and humid areas like the tropics where mosquitoes often hunt. If the home you're showing has fans outside then be sure to turn them on. If not, place some fans in and around the home to work their magic. 


6. Add Some Mosquito-Repelling Plants 

Mosquitoes have a keen sense of smell but they hate many of the fragrant plants we as humans are drawn to. Some of these mosquito-repelling plants include basil, marigold, peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus, and lavender.

As a realtor, you might not have the time or means to plant them in the garden of a house you're showing. But you could add potted plants inside or around the yard to stop a mosquito invasion. 


7. Burn Piñon Wood

Like incense, burning piñon wood gives off very fragrant smoke that's an ideal way to keep mosquitoes out of the yard. Let the embers of the wood smolder for a while to spread as much of the scent around as possible.


8. Spray Garlic-Infused Water

Like vampires, mosquitoes aren't fond of garlic. To reap the benefits of this home remedy for keeping mosquitoes away, peel and crush some cloves of garlic then boil them for about 20 minutes.

You should then spray this pungent garlic-infused water near entry points and the dark, damp places that mosquitoes like to hang out in. Pay close attention to air conditioning vents, drainage areas, and shady parts of the garden. 


Your Guide to How to Repel Mosquitoes 

It's always good to know how to repel mosquitoes, but it's especially useful for all you realtors who've battled with swarms of the pesky bloodsuckers during a showing. 

And as these tips show, with a little planning and a few natural remedies, you can ensure that all your potential buyers are happy and bite-free while you show them around. 

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