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4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Roofer

Written by Posted On Friday, 13 September 2019 13:56
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As you’re returning from an evening walk or pulling up to the house, you might realize that the roof isn’t in the best condition. Perhaps the shingles are curled or cracked, or there is wear and tear around roof structures and openings. Perhaps the attic always leaks after a rainstorm or the roof deck sags. One option is to simply leave the roof as it is, and another is to attempt to fix it yourself. However, a job well done is better than one that leaves your roof incomplete or that carries a risk of injury, so the best option may be to hire a professional. Here are four reasons to hire a professional roofer as part of your remodeling project.

Safety Concerns

A huge motivating factor to call a professional roofer is safety. Attempting to complete the work independently means that you’re putting yourself at the risk of a serious fall. Professionals know how to approach the work safely. Furthermore, they perform roof inspections and repairs regularly, so they understand what to expect and consider when assessing potential dangers. Climbing up to the roof to do work yourself could be a dangerous or deadly mistake, especially if you lack the proper harnesses and safety equipment.

Proper Equipment

In addition to potentially harming yourself, completing roof repairs independently may also fail because of improper equipment. Whether roofers need equipment for core drilling or for cutting shingles, they will bring tools with them that you may not be able to get cost-effectively on your own. If you repair or replace a roof with the wrong equipment, you might damage it, threatening the safety and stability of the house.


While you might be handy with a hammer, knowing that the people working on your house are certified lets you know that they have the training, education and professional experience necessary to do the best possible job. While there are no national certification programs for roofing (each state, rather, has their own requirements) you can look for companies with certified workers to ensure that your house receives the best of care.

House Sales

You may also think that you will continue to put the work off, especially if you want to move out, but doing so could lead to difficulty if you want to sell the house. A house with a new roof looks more desirable on the market and leaving the work until the last second could allow more damages to occur that affect your home’s market value. Take a look at the prices that houses have sold for in the area. During your research, examine how the roofs looked in comparison to the sale price of the houses.
A professional roofing company can put a stunning new top on your house, which will not only increase the efficiency of your inner heating and air circulation but also protect your investment from weather and water damage. If you are thinking about doing the work yourself or skipping over the project entirely, reconsider and think of the long-term benefits of a refurbished roof. You can make your house look more beautiful and increase the chances of a successful sale just by opting for a professional roofing job.

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