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The Best Way to Clean Your Windows without Streaks!

Written by Posted On Sunday, 15 September 2019 00:53

Window cleaning is a household chore which can take you to a new level of irritation and annoyance after the repetitive cleaning which results in streaks. You must have the right stuff to carry out the window cleaning task carefully as it won’t only involve the efforts but also the appropriate tools and methods.

Here are a few best ways mentioned to help you clean your windows without getting into a mess of streaks.


  • Homemade Solutions

You can simply go for homemade solutions like a mixture of vinegar and water. It is both anti-bacterial and non-toxic which makes it work like a miracle for glass doors and windows. It is also economical and can be used safely without getting harmed physically. If you apply such homemade solutions to your window to get it cleaned, the chances of having a streak-free window are quite higher. So, you should try different homemade solutions instead of rushing to grab the chemicals out there which are both expensive and harmful.


  • Distilled Water

The quality of the water you use to wash or clean your windows is also going to make a huge difference. If you prefer using the water from your tap, it might involve the impurities which can cause to develop streaks at the end of the process. So, you should consider using distilled water as it is also inexpensive and easily accessible.


  • Vacuum

The vacuum also exists to make the cleaning process easier and keep your windows streak-free. It is basically used after you are done with washing and cleaning your window. It helps sucks all the water which is extra or unnecessary. So, it further helps reduce the possibility of having streaks on the windows.


  • Soap

Dishwashing soap can also do wonders when it comes to cleaning your windows. However, you need to add it in the right proportion if you don’t want to end up with streaky windows. It is suggested to add only two to three drops in 1.9 liters water and 1.9 liters of rubbing alcohol. You need to be extra careful while mixing and preparing the solution otherwise you would have a streaky residue on the glass of the windows.


  • Microfiber Cloth or Newspaper

Paper towels are quite frequently used for the window cleaning but quite a few people would know about this that they cause to leave streaks on windows. So, it is advised to use a microfiber cloth instead to get the job done effectively. There is also another old school method which involves the use of newspaper. If you get this paper stick on the window while wearing gloves, it would help you have both clean hands and glass.


  • Professional Service

The final best way to get your windows cleaned and cleared from streaks is hiring professional services. For instance, you can reach out to K&J Windows which doesn’t only claim to provide high-quality products but also excellent standard repairing and cleaning services to make your windows last longer.

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