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Is it Easier to Sell a Home With a Fence?

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When selling a home, opinion is divided whether or not a fence installation project will help increase its market value. There are those who say that, yes a new fence will help add a few thousand dollars to a home’s price tag. On the other hand, some say the cost of installing a fence will negate any increase in the value of a house. Whether or not a new fence will help sell a home at a higher price, another important question arises. Will it be easier to sell the home if it had a fence? Without a doubt, the answer to this question is simply, yes.

Of course, there are other factors that house-hunters are looking for in a home. However, fences do a good job in improving the desirability of a home. The following are the top reasons why it is easier to sell homes with fences.

1. It Provides a Layer of Security

Fences, regardless of the design and type, provide both visual and physical barrier to anyone or anything that might think of approaching the home uninvited. Simple fences such as chain link, decorative vinyl and even shrubbery are enough to make anyone think twice about approaching a home. A fence simply tells you to “move back” and that is a plus for homebuyers.

2. Fences Keeps Kids and Pets Safe

Fences, especially the higher privacy fences provide even more security for children, giving them enough outdoor space to play around. Fences that provide privacy such as wood and steel panels, or tall shrubbery will make you feel more at ease knowing that no one on the outside is spying on your children. A fence will also help keep pets fenced in and keep them from wandering off. House-hunters with small children or pets will definitely prefer a home with a fence.

3. It Gives You Privacy

As mentioned a few times earlier, fences can also provide you with more privacy, especially those that are tall and have a seamless structure. Most people will appreciate an afternoon tea on the patio with no street traffic in sight. Wouldn’t it also be more relaxing to hang out with a few friends having drinks and barbecue in your fenced-in yard without your neighbors watching you? The extra privacy will surely increase the desirability of a home. According to Black Swan Media, after tracking and surveying hundreds of homeowners, they found that most people indeed to prefer privacy but more so because it increases their sense of ownership.

4. Fences Can Block Out a Bad View

You may have a nice home, but a bad view can adversely affect your asking price. A zombie house or a cat-lady’s messy backyard, will certainly deflate any enthusiasm that prospective buyers may initially have for your property. Tall privacy fences will not only keep your family away from prying eyes, it can also block out a bad view that can turn off any prospective buyer.

5. It Defines the Border of the Property

Fences work even better than shrubbery in defining the border of the property that you are selling. Prospective buyers will have a better appreciation of how large your property is and how much backyard they are set to own if you have a fence that defines the border.

There are other reasons how fences can make it easier to sell your home. Fences can also provide protection from the elements, muffle noise coming from your noisy neighbors or add to the aesthetics of your home. The five reasons mentioned above, however, are compelling enough for prospective buyers to make an offer.


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