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Sky-High Resale: The Top Benefits of Remodeling an Outdoor Living Space

Written by Posted On Sunday, 22 September 2019 23:37

One of the best investments you'll ever make is remodeling your home's outdoor living space. Here's how it boosts your home's resale value, second-to-none!

Outdoor living spaces are a haven for many homeowners. They offer fresh air, extra amenities, and innovative home designs. 56% of buyers will even sacrifice square footage in exchange for an impressive outdoor living space.

Upgrading your exterior spaces is an effective way to boost your home's resale value. New patios, creative gardens, and outdoor kitchens are all desirable home features. 

Still on the fence, whether you should undergo an outdoor project? Read on for the top reasons to consider remodeling your outdoor living space. 


An Opportunity to Blend Interior and Exterior Elements 

Designing modern outdoor living spaces gives you innovative ways to customize your home. These designs work to blend elements so the home flows from the indoors to outside. 

The result is a natural-looking transition from the interior to exterior. Remember that a stunning backyard display also helps to enhance your home's interior. 

Windows can offer impressive views of your outdoor space. Large sliding glass doors or french doors provide both function and style. They reveal a glimpse into the backyard's living conditions and ambiance. 

Outdoor design elements work to further compliment the style of your home's interior. This includes pavers, fabric selections, and decorative finishes.  


More Living Space 

Home's without any outdoor features are limited to interior living space. This means you'll be spending most of your free time indoors.

Backyard outdoor living spaces are a top choice for adding an addition to your home. 70% of architects feel that outdoor living spaces are increasing in popularity. They make the home feel larger and more liveable. 

Outdoor spaces also allow you to take advantage of the nice weather. They give you a different atmosphere to spend your time at home. 

A covered patio allows you to enjoy outdoor spaces when the weather isn't cooperating. A shady pergola will protect you from the mid-day sun's glare. Large porches and screened-in patios provide fresh air and a change of scenery.   

Outdoor spaces offer more places to enjoy your morning cup of coffee or read a book. Patios or decks also give a new setting for enjoying a family meal together. 

These are a less expensive and time-consuming option for adding on to your home's living space. There is no need to tear down walls or move electrical wires and plumbing fixtures. 


Extra At-Home Entertaining Options 

Expanding your backyard living offers more options for cooking and entertaining al fresco. Patio remodels provide extra seating for hosting guests. 

An outdoor kitchen can accommodate different cooking stations. This includes cooktops, grills, and pizza ovens.

You'll also gain more prep space and extra storage for dinnerware. Refrigerators and wine chillers are essential for keeping beverages cold when entertaining. 

Backyard living ideas also incorporate lounge areas. These are complete with outdoor televisions and stereo systems. A large outdoor fireplace or firepit are other great outdoor living spaces to have.  

Decor, lighting, and patio furniture help to further enhance an outdoor living space. Make your space more comfortable with outdoor rugs and throw pillows. Lanterns and bistro lights will also help set the mood. 

New technology features work to enhance your outdoor living experience. This includes mobile apps that allow you to control lighting and music from your phone.

You can even turn on a hot tub as you're leaving work for the day. This way it's the perfect temperature by the time you get home. 


More Creative Landscaping Designs

Backyard living spaces give you a chance to get creative with landscaping. Almost all homes have front yard landscaping to help enhance curb appeal. Yet, the backyard is full of unique landscaping opportunities. 

This includes growing herb or vegetable gardens. Innovative techniques also allow you to create interesting pathways with planters and pavers. Arranging potted plants on patios is another way to enhance landscaping.   

Another idea is to weave vines and flowers inside a pergola. Water fountains and features can also spruce up landscaping designs. 


A Happier and Healthier Home

Another smart reason to create an outdoor living space is for your health. Being outdoors is great for your physical and mental wellbeing. It can lower your blood pressure and decrease your risk of certain diseases. 

Spending more time outdoors also means you'll be engaging in more physical activities. Children will play catch and exercise with pets. Swimming is another great outdoor activity if you own a pool. 

Having more outdoor living space means you'll also be enjoying cooking and dining at home. This way it's easier to create healthier eating habits. 

Opening your home's doors and windows allow for a better flow of traffic in and out of the home. This means the home will get tons of fresh air circulating through. This is great for eliminating toxins in the home. 


A Way to Enhance Your Home's Value 

All these benefits add up to a significant increase in home value. These projects offer a great return on investment as they appeal to all different types of buyers.

Updating your backyard also allows you to tap into different markets. An impressive backyard design may target a luxury buyer looking to renovate a home.  

Updating your outdoor living spaces helps attract buyers, especially millennials. 32% of millennials are looking to buy a house in the next few years. So, what home features are they looking for?

Millennials value sustainable living with customized home features. They want vegetable gardens where they can grow their own food. They value pizza ovens where they can use their homegrown vegetables as ingredients.    


Enhancing Your Outdoor Living Space  

Remodeling your outdoor living space can expand and enhance your home's livability. It's an opportunity to customize your home and boost its value.

Your family will enjoy having more options for lounging, entertaining, and dining. Your home will also have a greater appeal to home buyers.   

Looking for more tips on enhancing the value of your property? Check out the homeowner's advice section of our blog for the latest. 

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