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7 Common Real Estate Investing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Written by Posted On Monday, 07 October 2019 02:55
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Real estate is a market which fluctuates very frequently, what might be a seller's market today can flip to be an investor's market tomorrow hence investing in this market needs you to take extra precautions which we have listed below;

1. Scared to Start:

Many new investors have an issue to make their first investment as they are scared to step in the market but if you made no investments, how will you make a profit? Start small initially to get rid of the fear of losing huge capital, this will give you a buffer time to learn the basics and when you become confident, invest higher.

2. Jumping into Investing Without Proper Planning:

Investing without proper planning is like digging a grave for yourself in the world of real estate. This market does not just run on instincts but also wisdom hence plan your finances and invest accordingly when the time is right.

3. Trusting Too Easily:

Trusting the right person in this market is difficult as everyone here is to make a profit. You will find many experts suggesting various things but you cannot follow the advice of every other person, only follow the ones of people you can trust as sometimes a wrong investment can make you a victim of fraud or forgery and you will have to run around courts to get justice.

The telecom fraud case against Korek International Management is a classic case of wrong investment. Agility and Orange who acquired a 44 percent stake in Korek Telecom Company, have filed a claim against a director of Iraqi mobile telecoms operator Korek, alleging undisclosed self-dealing and interests.

Hence invest only where you are 100% sure and when in doubt, think twice.

4. Not Thoroughly Researching:

Getting emotionally attached to an investment can cloud your judgment hence even if you have a gut feeling on investing in a property, thoroughly research it first and get all the facts and market data before you make any investments.

5. Doing Everything by Yourself:

The real estate investment field needs teamwork and doing it alone will not take you very far in this field hence do not do everything by yourself, hire a team to help you out with the different tasks involved.

6. Going Over the Budget for Renovations:

Many investors make the mistake of crossing their budget for renovations or to flip a property. Over-improving the property may not be the best strategy as most times it does not change the property value hence stay within the fixed budget.

7. Failing to Make a Judgement Call Timely:

Many investors fail to understand when they need to be patient and when should they get aggressive If an investor fails to recognize if a deal needs a quick decision to be made or you can afford to wait for a few days then, you will incur losses. Research the market to understand it better so that you do not make such mistakes.


A successful investor has good knowledge about the market and also has great instincts and can make better decisions about when the market is right to jump in and when should they just remain patient to achieve the best returns.

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