Landscaping Ideas to Protect Your Home

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Have you ever thought that a good landscaping plan could protect your home from invaders, pests, disasters, and more? These landscaping ideas may just give you some ideas to try which might provide a little more peace of mind for your investment and tenants.

Home Invasion

Crime prevention can start with a look at your landscaping. A good prevention plan can include a review of what is already planted and areas of improvement and examination. 


A good hedge can feel homey but a tall hedge can also appear very inviting to a criminal hoping to go undetected. If hedges are already in place and you don’t intend to remove them, keep them trimmed down to limit the ability of criminals to hide their activity behind them. This is especially true for any bushes in front of windows. 

Under windows

If you are redesigning your rental landscaping you may want to consider planting low growing barrier shrubs under the windows. These shrubs typically have sharp leaves and/or can be thorny such as pyracantha, roses, or Oregon grape holly. Someone trying to break into a  home will find it more difficult to gain access to windows with these types of plants in place. 

Consider using gravel around the plants under the window instead of mulch as it has a much louder sound when stepped on. The noise can alert the tenants to investigate or notify authorities and may repel a nefarious visitor. 


They look lovely but could be seen as an easy ladder to the second story. Consider carefully if a trellis is appropriate for your rental property. 

Hide a Key

Suggest to your tenants that if they wish to use a hide-a-key product to choose one that blends into the landscaping or better yet, use a lockbox instead. 

Outdoor Lighting

Criminals love the dark to hide their actions. Consider installing motion sensor lighting to illuminate the garage door, the front door/porch, or any other area that looks inviting to the criminal mind. 


Heat Waves

Keeping the home cool during extreme heat can start by providing shade. In addition to home features such as awnings, consider planting evergreen or deciduous trees around the home to provide some relief from the sun.


Every property manager or landlord is concerned about the fire safety of their portfolio and protecting their residents. Start by creating a defensible area around the home of a protective distance to avoid fueling a fire. A defensible area is a clearing of all vegetation and combustible items a certain distance from any structure. 

The exterior fire safety is as important as the interior. The landscape design and spacing choices should be deliberate. Choose carefully what is allowed around the home that could be flammable such as stacked and stored firewood. 

Check with your local fire department and forestry service for their recommendations on the optimal distance. It is also recommended you check with your insurance carrier for their requirements as well. 

Hurricanes and Tornadoes

The wind and water damage can be severe. Be sure to keep trees trimmed and limbed. When choosing a tree to plant, pay attention to the hight the limbs could grow to reach. When planting trees, consider the distance from the home. 



What cat doesn’t love to use flower beds for a restroom? What property owner isn’t frustrated when that happens? You may want to allow pets in your rental so examine the areas those pets, critters, or feral animals may want to explore. 

Some plants that repel unwanted animals are lavender and Coleus cania, also known as the ‘scaredy-cat plant’. Mulch made from recycled plastics, tires, even pinecones or prickly mulches such as cedar chips may keep cats away. Cats and other critters dislike the feel and smell and will likely leave the area untouched. 


Not only does cedar chip mulch repel critters and cats, but insects are not fond of the cedar either. In addition, there are many plants that repel insects such as lemongrass, marigolds, and geraniums. In addition, cedar mulch will help repel 

Final Thoughts

With some careful thought and design, a good landscaping plan can help dissuade criminals, repel pests, and provide protection from the elements while offering great curb appeal for your rental properties.

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