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4 Winter Dangers to Protect Your Roof Against

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 09 October 2019 09:18

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your roof if the right precautions aren’t taken. It’s best to take care of any repairs or maintenance work that your roof needs before the cold season starts to keep everything intact better. Doing everything possible to avoid these four winter dangers will be especially important.


Any moisture that gets under the roof’s shingles and membranes could freeze and leave damage. The worst of the damage usually occurs when the ice dams that form underneath the roofing materials start to thaw, which often leads to leaks inside the attic and other parts of the upper house. The moisture may cause additional damage to the insulation material and spawn mold growth. The felt material that’s underneath the shingles could also wear away because of the moisture. Getting any holes in your roof repaired or missing shingles replaced can prevent these problems.

Falling Branches

Windstorms are often responsible for snapping tree branches that end up falling onto roofs and leaving damage. Branches may also snap because of the extra weight that they sustain when ice forms on them. To lessen the chances of roof damage from falling branches, it’s advisable to trim any large branches on your trees. All dead or diseased trees that are beyond saving should be removed by professionals before the winter season. If you’ve done everything that’s needed to decrease the chances of falling branches harming your roof but still sustain damage, contractors who offer emergency roof repair service can come to you.

Gutter Icicles

Ice around your gutters may form into icicle shapes with sharp points on their ends that could cause serious bodily injuries if they break off and fall onto someone who’s standing below the gutters. The extra weight of the ice could also cause your gutters to separate from the sides of your roof and result in further home damage. Spraying away snow that has accumulated around your gutters and installing heat cables can keep gutter icicles from forming.

Heavy Snow Loads

Heavy snow loads that accumulate on your roof might cause some of the roofing materials to buckle. This weight might result in cracks and holes forming that allow moisture to leak into your home. If your roof isn’t built to withstand the heavy weight of the snow, your roof could even cave in and collapse into your home. Using a snow rake to remove snow from a roof often works well, but professionals might need to be called if the accumulation is particularly large and unsafe to remove by yourself.

Taking all the right precautions to protect your roof throughout the winter can prevent damage that sometimes results in costly repairs and serious injuries. Hiring qualified professionals to perform any heavy-duty work can also keep your roof and everyone in your household out of harm’s way.

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