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What do the chartered surveyors do?

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We hear about the surveyor when it comes to a certificate of location, a subdivision of land, cadastral renewal, but his work is much broader. What do the chartered surveyors do concretely?


In their absence, roads could not be built, skyscrapers could not be erected and citizens could not erect fences to demarcate their yard without fear of violating the property of others.


As a technology-driven business to take legal action, Chartered Surveyors in London can advise on everything related to property rights. They move, take measurements and do the field health check. Whenever there is a real estate transaction, this professional is part of the process. He will know exactly if there is a problem of occupation or encroachment and if everything is in accordance with municipal by-laws. All aspects of the property are examined, which protects both sellers and buyers in real estate transactions.


In-home development, this measurement specialist locates the position of the building to be built in the field. He projects what will end up on the property. So he makes sure that the people who are building themselves will have a home that meets the standards.


At the provincial level, they are responsible for keeping the cadastre up to date. Did you know that every parcel of land is numbered and identified? Managed by the government, the cadastre is a map showing the boundaries of each property. The measurements and all the details are found on this document useful for both future buyers and builders.


Surveyors' favorite tools

Asked about the tools commonly used in surveyors’ job, and said that technologies have evolved a lot since the 1990s: "What really changed the survey? is the arrival of GPS. A job that could take two weeks at the time can now take a day."


Interestingly, the use of the drone, which is widely used in film and video editing, also helps the surveyor in his work. "We are able to replace traditional lifts with photos taken by a drone. They allow you to take images, which you can process with software to calculate elevations and volumes, such as the number of stones or gravel coming out of a quarry".


Working from near and far in many areas related to real estate and construction, the surveyor acts as a conductor. During a development project, it works in collaboration with environmental experts, entrepreneurs, and the government. It ensures the efficiency of the land market and the effective management of land use. These functions support development and innovation, promoting social justice, economic growth and environmental sustainability.

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