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Simple Steps for Persian Rug Cleaning

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There is something about Persian rugs that makes you feel unique. It evokes a particular royal feeling in any room it occupies. It makes any location feel warm and homey. And from the moment it occupies your space, you just know that the room will never be complete without it.

However, Persian rugs need regular cleaning. This is essential if you want your Persian rug to maintain its color and faintness. Despite their beauty and sturdiness, Persian rugs are also very responsive to dust and grime. It is even prone to stains. It is for this reason that you should perform regular rug cleaning. This will remove stains as they happen and keep your Persian rug in tip-top shape.

So how do you clean your Persian rug? That is easy. All you need is a vacuum cleaner, sponge, soft-bristled brush, mild dish soap, bucket, squeegee, and these simple steps.

Prepare the Rug for Cleaning

Persian Rug

Before you do anything you need to prepare your rug for cleaning. Since your Persian rug can mount up so much dust and grime, it is important to vacuum the rug before you wash it. Once the rug is wet, it is unfeasible to take out the dust particles. Instead, it will stick more to its surface.

So do not skip this step recommended by a specialized carpet cleaning company. Make sure that you have removed all the dirt and loose particles before you proceed to the next step.

Clean The Persian Rug Thoroughly

Now that you have pre-cleaned your Persian rug, it is now time to clean it thoroughly.

To begin the procedure, make some soap and water solution by mixing around 3-4 tablespoons of dish soap with warm water. This solution has been proved to remove mild stains along with remaining dust particles that have not been removed by your vacuum cleaner.

Use the sponge that asked you to prepare and blot and rub while covering all areas of the Persian rug. This may take some effort if you have a large rug. Ask someone to help out if this is too much for you.

After soaping, it is time to comb the Persian rug. You can do that with the soft bristle brush. Dip the brush on the soap and water solution and brush the rug in one direction. Be sure to detangle everything. Also, don’t rub too hard or you will damage it.

Do not forget to rinse

After cleaning, you should rinse your rug in running water. You can do this easily by taking the rug inside your bathroom and letting the water run from the shower. You can also take the rug outside and let it sit on a wall or fence. From here, you can use your hose and shower it with water.

Make Sure the Rug is Dry

After the rinse, try to squeeze the rug dry. Having a squeegee at hand will save you a lot of time. All you need to do is force out water from the rug using a squeegee and then squeeze the water on a bucket.

When that is done, leave the rug to air dry. If it is a frosty day, then you can utilize your hairdryer for the rapidity of the process.

Return the Rug to its Original Appearance

When the rug is dry, use your vacuum cleaner to fluff it back to shape. Your Persian rug is now ready.

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