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5 Reasons To Become A Real Estate Agent

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 22 October 2019 20:42

If you want a flexible job with plenty of perks, including great earning potential and the opportunity to be your own boss, then becoming a real estate agent might just be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. It’s a rewarding career where you can help people find their dream home or sell their property at a competitive price. With this in mind, read on to discover why a career as a real estate agent is hot property.

1. You get to be your own boss

Most real estate agents work as independent contractors. They have a broker to report to who provides them with their contracts and tools, but this dynamic is different from a traditional employer-employee relationship. Real estate agents don’t have a boss looking over their shoulder and aren’t chained to a desk all day. Instead, real estate agents essentially run their own small business and get to set their own hours, goals, how many clients or transactions they want to handle, as well as execute their own marketing strategies.

2. Flexibility and variety

A real estate agent’s office is generally on the road, with most agents enjoying a mobile office. Real estate agents also don't work a strict 9-5 job. Instead, hours are determined by clients and their own personal schedule. So, depending on demand, you may find yourself taking a two-hour lunch break, or working your hours around your kid's school day.

It’s a great job for people who enjoy the variety. Every day is different, and agents can find themselves spending one day preparing a house listing and taking digital photos of the property, while the next day will be spent meeting with clients or hosting a house inspection. Real estate agents are in charge of their careers and can work as much or as little as they like. It’s this flexibility and scope for variables that can be very appealing to those looking for more freedom in their work life.

3. You get to help people

Buying, renting or selling a property is one of the biggest milestones a person encounters in their life. For many people, the financial transaction that comes with buying or selling property can be extremely stressful. There’s also a lot of work involved, including packing, cleaning, inspections, and appraisals. Real estate agents help to calm their client’s nerves and guide them through the entire process. This can be extremely rewarding and you can gain a lot of satisfaction knowing you’ve helped people manage their way through such an important process.

4. There’s the potential to earn heaps, fast

How much a real estate agent earns depends on how quickly houses are selling and how hard they’re willing to work. In the competitive property market, agents can find themselves earning a lot of money. Real estate agents get paid in commission, yet the potential for growth is largely dependent on how much time they invest. An agent’s commission is usually between 1% and 5% of the overall property sale price, and as a real estate agent in Australia, you can find yourself earning an average of $86,013.

5. You don’t need a degree

There’s no need to spend time and money on a university degree to become a real estate agent. In most Australian states, all that’s required is the completion of an online course, certificate or relevant work experience to obtain a real estate agent’s license. Once you’ve gained your license, it’s only a matter of time before you can start your new career as a licensed real estate agent.

Set yourself up for a rewarding career

Becoming a real estate agent really is a great career choice. A real estate agent enjoys many perks that other jobs don’t offer. And because the world’s population is always growing, you can be guaranteed continued work even when the property market is slow.

If you love people, want a job where you’re constantly learning, and enjoy the freedom that comes with a flexible job and being your own boss, then it’s the perfect career choice. Since real estate agents are in the business of people, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to network and socialize, and be able to come home from work feeling like you’ve made a difference in someone’s life.

While there are many perks, it’s important to realize that being a real estate agent requires a lot of hard work. You have to work hard for your money and attracting and keeping clients. For those who are creative, it can present an exciting challenge since there’s the opportunity to solve problems, design your own marketing plans and make the most of social media to extend your reach.

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