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ThermHAL – Heat Water When You Need It And Save Money

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 22 October 2019 21:25

Almost every homeowner wants to have a constant supply of hot water at home. However, this comes with sky-high energy bills, increased carbon footprint, and reduced life expectancy of water heater systems. Gladly, there is a device that can help homeowners have hot water only when they need it and be able to save energy.

ThermHAL is a smart energy-saving device that automates the operation of water heater systems to allow homeowners to save energy. This device comes with smart technology that determines your hot water usage patterns and heats water to match your schedule. The device integrates with your smartphone to give you complete control wherever you are. Furthermore, it uses your phone location as an indicator to automatically turn on the heater to ensure you have hot water when you get home. The device shuts off the heater when you’re away for multiple days.

This smart device connects seamlessly to your smartphone, allowing you to monitor the water heater's status, adjust the temperature, and set schedules. In the event that your water heater malfunctions, the device will immediately alert you or a technician to prevent the worst.


ThermHAL comes with an autonomous learning function that learns your family’s hot-water usage patterns and heats water accordingly to match a changing schedule while bringing needless power consumption down considerably. Therefore, the device will ensure the water is heated only when it’s needed, such as in the morning for showers, in the evenings when you’re at home, and during weekends when doing laundry.

Energy Cost Savings Device for Water Heaters eliminates the common and costly water breaches associated with water heaters. It will automatically detect malfunctions and set the water heater into “vacation mode” to guarantee safety.


- Comes with smart technology that establishes your hot water usage patterns and turns the water heater off when it’s not in its peak demand times.
- Allows for convenient control from your smartphone; hence, you can monitor your water heater system and change settings from anywhere in the world.
- It comes with overheating, carbon monoxide, and leaking detection for additional safety.
- It’s an environment-friendly device as it helps to reduce carbon footprint by reducing overall emissions.
- Displays safety and maintenance alerts to allow you to keep your water heater running smoothly.
- Retains latent heat to ensure the water remains hot for longer.
- Extends the lifetime expectancy of your water heater by ensuring it’s not in use during the non-use times.
- Helps to save money by lowering your power bills.
- It’s compatible with nearly all water heaters
- Integrates with a NEST thermostat and NEST features.
- Easy to install -Installation requires basic electrical skills and equipment.


ThermHAL offers a viable solution to the common water heater challenges that homeowners face. Instead of heating water continuously, the device sets scheduled times for heating to allow homeowners to save tons of money on energy bills. This device brings your water heater system out of your basement into your hands. With ThermHAL, you can heat water when you need it, save money when you don’t, and enrich your home experience.

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