5 Winter Landscaping Tips To Sell A Property

Written by Posted On Monday, 28 October 2019 10:12
Winter Landscaping Tips Winter Landscaping Tips

The winter real estate market allows sellers to take advantage of low inventory and buyers that tend to be champing at the bit. While leveraging these and other positives can work in a seller’s favour, you still have to deal with ice and snow that can take over your property. While it’s not uncommon for homeowners to simply write-off the idea of a well-manicured landscape, there are measures you can take to tantalize buyers. Rather than allow snowfall to force you to accept a reduced offer, consider bringing in a Calgary landscaping professional to massage the property and get top dollar. These are five tips worth considering.

1: Accentuate Tree Bark

It’s a given that you won’t be attracting curb appeal with your lush green lawn during the winter months. But grass covered with pristine white snow can actually present an opportunity. It allows you to emphasize ornamental trees and shrubs. Trees such as the birch family have highly distinctive barks. Along with the iconic white birch, there are also silver, paper, yellow and other varieties. These and other trees and shrubs can be quite eye-catching in your winter landscape.

2: Brush Off Berry Bushes

Holly bushes and their berries add splashes of colour. They are also widely associated with winter holidays. These and other beautiful shrubberies simply require a light brushing to remove any snow accumulation. Dark green leaves and robust red and orange berries can become a selling point. The idea that the property’s grounds can look festive without decoration during the holidays is a winning sales point.

3: Market Your Hardscape

Many of the items that you had a landscaping professional integrate to further warm-weather plant growths and leisure enjoyment can create the ambiance of a winter wonderland. That rose or flowering vine trellis will attract icicles during winter and become dazzling. Rather than de-icing hardscape items such as these, have a professional dust away snow and work the hardscape. Patios, stone walls, wood ties, and other hardscape items can draw positive responses from potential buyers if they are deftly presented.

4: Add Lighting to Your Landscape

It’s no secret that the days are shorter during winter, and that means buyers driving by your property are more likely to see it in the dark. This scenario is not particularly helpful. All the attention to detail you made developing the landscape over the years is for naught after the sun goes down. It’s in your best interest to shed a little light on your landscape. Consider having exterior lighting brought in to highlight trees, shrubs, hardscape items, and even the house itself. Not only will this technique attract buyers, but it will also separate your listing from others that remain in the dark.

5: Remember to Winterize the Backyard

Curb appeal often takes up a lot of the real estate marketing oxygen and the backyard becomes an afterthought. Keep in mind that curb appeal will help get buyers in the door, but your beautifully landscaped backyard can help close the deal. Consider having a landscaping professional conduct snow removal from flower beds, vegetable gardens, patios, walkways, and other things that define the property.

There are good reasons to move forward with selling a home during winter. And although some sellers view the outdoors as a liability, you can make it a powerful asset regardless of the temperature.

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Jim Werks

Jim Werks is a lawn care professional who has been working in Calgary since 2006. 


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