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Smart Home Builder Guide: 5 Security Systems You Need

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 29 October 2019 00:35

Of all the investments you'll make in your lifetime, the one made in your home is likely one of the largest. It's here where you'll make lasting memories with the people who matter most in your life. Homebuilders who know how to build a smart home or home renovators who know the best home styles need to keep security in mind as well as they create new houses that will become homes for someone, and there are five home security systems to consider including.


1. Touch Screen Control


One of the less sophisticated yet highly effective home security systems is the touch screen control panel. Located at the heart of your home, this tool can be controlled and customized to fit your needs. You can program the device to offer you alerts when you need them most, and, best of all, new technology allows them to be connected at all times in case a situation arises.

Your safety lies as close as your fingertips as you can easily access the small touch screen base. The settings are simple to understand and implement, and you can even set them up to provide you with potentially life-saving alerts even when you are away from the home. The touch screen panel offers you the technology you deserve with the simplicity we all desire.


2. Security On the Go

Let's face it. We aren't always at home. In fact, those who work a typical nine to five job spend around one-third of their day at work alone. For the homeowner on the go, one of the best home security systems is mobile apps. Consumers spend 80 per cent of their time on smartphones on apps, and that's because of their convenience. Because of this, mobile apps connected with the security system at home is a hit.


Whenever the alarm is armed or disarmed, the homeowner gets a notification. They can even use live video to check on what's going on in the home. With little effort, homeowners have the power in their hands to continue being the guardian of their home and loved ones.


3. Sensors

Another must-have with home security systems is intrusion sensors. They are simple to use and serve as an effective first line of defense. They're best when placed around every entry point of the home, and, when triggered, an alert is immediately sent to the monitoring center.

Danger doesn't only lurk outside your home. There are serious hazards in most that could be harmful or even fatal to children and pets. If you have a gun safe or medicine cabinet you would like monitored, sensors can also be placed in these areas as well.


4. High-Security Door Locks

Few things are more frustrating than getting locked out of your home. Usually, there are few solutions other than to do damage to a window to get inside or call a 24-hour locksmith. However, with high-security door locks, you won't find yourself in this situation, and this can be attractive to homeowners.


There are various features on this safety option that can save you from burglary and other dangers. For starters, you can purchase one with a code touchpad where only those who know the numbers can get in. Of course, there are more advanced options. New technology is always being innovated, and today we have more measures to take than ever before. There are now door locks on the market that require a fingerprint to allow access. This eliminates the possibility of forgetting your passcode or having it leak to someone who'll misuse it. Not to mention, you save money on your åemergency locksmith!


5. Beyond Intrusion

There are other threats that could be lurking in your home, but they don't come in the form of an intruder. Thousands live unknowingly with dangerous gases in their home. There are also threats such as fire that shouldn't be overlooked when ensuring a sound and secure home security system.


Fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide can be just as dangerous as a home invasion, but there is technology available to detect all three and alert homeowners of the danger so they can take the appropriate action in a timely fashion. Since carbon monoxide cannot be detected without tools, this can be of particular danger. With a simple alert, you can take the action necessary to get your home back in working order.

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