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No matter how many times you have moved before, you will still be jittery even on your hundredth move. There is the packing, getting a mover, insurance, and a lot more decisions to make. Now that you have everything packed and all the details in place; how do you make the final day a success? Moving day tips can make everything move with speed.


Moving Day Tips - Preparation Checklist 


Whether you are moving to another state or to another county, it is important to create a checklist. This article is dedicated to the last day of your move. It is going to make sure you are missing nothing on the big day. You will get moving tips on how to do everything right for a seamless move. 


Make sure your list is entirely ticked.


It is the last day of moving; thus, you should be completing your checklist now. Don’t punish yourself by trying to remember what is done and what is yet to be done. Get the last things done. Your shower, toothpaste, toothbrush, medication, and all the other items you will be using to the last day should be packed now. 


Put all the essentials you will need during the move in a separate bag.


Things like medication, phones, chargers, cold-weather clothes, and so on should be packed on their own. You will need them during the move. They should be kept separate from the things  moving by truck. The best place to keep them is your car. It will be easy to access when you need them. 


Take one last round to check every room.


Do not assume that you have packed everything from all the rooms. You could have left something in the cabinet. Take one last round through every room. Expert movers say check in the drawers, the bathroom, and any hidden spaces for anything you left behind. It is one way to be sure you are ready to move. You do not want to get at your new digs only to find out you left an appliance on your kitchen shelves. 


Keep your phone charged.


When you are running up and down, you can easily forget about your phone. You should make sure that it is fully charged on the day of moving. You will need to talk to the movers on their way to your new home. To avoid the risk of running out of charge, keep your phone charger plugged into your car. You should keep communicating to avoid any surprises once you get to the other side.


Have some cleaning essentials.


You may want to do some cleaning once everything has been loaded. Keeping a bucket, mop, and detergent easily accessible will help you do this quickly. It is bad manners to leave your old house dirty just because you are not living there anymore. As you move you may also want to declutter your home for an easier move. 


Pack some snacks.


It is going to be a long journey, and you do not know when you will have a decent meal. Pack some snacks and drinks to stay hydrated. Nuts and other non-messy snacks are the best choices. 


Following these moving day tips will make sure that nothing goes out of plan. Have everything figured out to the last day, and it is never going to be a tough day. You may even want to hire movers to help you move. 

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