An Entertainer’s Paradise: Renovations To Help Create The Perfect Home For Entertaining

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The home for some potential buyers is going to be judged by its ability to host parties and entertain guests. For others self-entertainment is important and they want a space where they can relax with entertainment being an option for others. For those people that are the destination for a majority of the family on holidays having a home fit for entertaining is imperative. The last thing anyone wants is a home that is closed off which prohibits the family from talking across the home. A lack of seating can make it impossible or uncomfortable to truly relax with the ones you love most. The following are renovations and improvements to make to create a true entertainer’s paradise. 

Open Concept In The Kitchen 

The kitchen is where people congregate whether it is just the family or guests at a party. Hestia Home Services that offers quality kitchen remodeling in Houston TX  notes on their website “Remodeling your kitchen or what is often referred to as the ‘heart of the home’ — may be one of the best investments you’ll make as a homeowner.” The open concept will allow a person that is cooking to still interact with guests rather than being isolated in the kitchen. For families that have young children this allows parents to cook while making sure the kids are not getting into anything dangerous. A kitchen island can open up counterspace immediately as food can be put there for everyone to serve themselves. A bar on the kitchen can be perfect for breakfast or lunch if the kitchen table is always full of school supplies or groceries. 

A Great Outdoor Space To Entertain Guests 

Being able to host a summer BBQ or cookout with a myriad of guests can turn into an annual event friends/family look forward to. A pool is not practical in all locations due to weather but indoor pools can offer a fun time even during the coldest months of winter. Having a nice deck built for people to be able to congregate as well as eat not only reduces cleanup inside but allows for a larger number of guests to attend any gathering. For those homeowners that love golf a putting green can be enough to keep guests outside as well as entertained simultaneously. 

A Large Screened Patio Can Be Very Versatile

The plague of mosquitos in certain areas can be enough to thwart outside activity after dark. Even candles that are said to repel these flying nightmares at times do not work. Many people do not want to smell like insect repellant for extended periods so a screened in porch can allow for entertaining to be done regardless of time. Nothing is more relaxing than having a rocking chair or porch swing while looking up at the sky on a clear/cool night. For those in warm areas, family visiting from the north will enjoy being able to relax outside without having to put on multiple layers. 

Finished Basement With Its Own Bar 

For those people in areas where basements are common, a finished basement can be turned into a wonderful space for entertaining. This could be a place to have friends over to watch the big game or to watch a newly released movie that you have purchased. The basement is perfect for friends that are going to be loud as well as it will not be heard by the neighbors. A bar can allow the basement to turn into a place where you can sit back and relax with your favorite adult beverage. A finished basement can also add to the livable square footage of a home and can be perfect for family that wants privacy when visiting. 

Surround Sound Or Smart Home Capabilities

A great sound system in the home can take a party to the next level or even allow a family to be more entertained during daily life. In the past, many people had to purchase speakers but now with all of the streaming devices speakers can be put and move throughout the house. A home that is connected with technology like that of an Amazon Alexa or Google Home can make it easy to turn on your favorite song or relaxing background music. The ability to set appointments or reminders on the go will also add convenience that many people have been dreaming of for a lifetime. Keeping bills down is far easier with the ability to adjust things like the air conditioning when out of the home. Nobody wants to come home to a hot house so turning this on during a commute home can allow the family to come home to a perfect temperature. 

A home that might not be great for entertaining currently might just need a few tweaks. Consider the projects above as they can turn your home into one you love and your guests love as well.

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