5 Types of Fences that Can Increase Your Property’s Value!

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Curb appeal will always go a long way in terms of increasing the value of any home or listing, but a lot of us in the real estate industry think of curb appeal as just the front yard. A home’s backyard is equally as important in terms of how a home can be priced, because after all it is where most of the leisure and recreational family activities will take place.

A home’s backyard is always going to be characterized by its overall acreage, views and privacy, and one way to help increase your backyard’s curb appeal is to invest in a fence. We’re very lucky to have teamed up with a Residential Fencing specialist to help us compile this list of fence materials and designs that can do wonders in terms of giving homeowners a great ROI when selling.

So here are 5 fence types to consider when it comes to increasing your property’s value!

Aluminum Fencing

Although many homeowners may think aluminum fencing looks tacky, there are many ways in which you can paint and design your aluminum fencing to look a lot more expensive than it actually costs! There’s no doubt about it that aluminum fencing tends to be more popular in dense, urban areas, and this is partly because they are functional and won’t take away from any other architectural features surrounding your property.

But when it comes to property security and protecting your urban garden, aluminum fencing will always be a really great option. Another good aspect of aluminum fencing is that it is relatively inexpensive to maintain, and will only need paint job every few years.

It’s important for homeowners to know that aluminum fencing can mean a lot more than your typical chain link fence, and there are several design options out there that can make any type of aluminum look great!

Vinyl Fencing

There’s no denying the fact that vinyl fencing is rather expensive, but it will always be a great investment when it comes to increasing property value. Many homeowners everywhere are choosing vinyl for their fences because the material is very easy to clean and maintain, and it does provide a certain amount of charm that fits in well with suburban neighborhoods nationwide.

Vinyl is also a very strong fencing material that can withstand some harsher weather conditions, so you can be rest assured that as time goes along you’ll vinyl fence will be perfectly fine, and it’s easy to prepare for showings and putting a home on the market!

Wooden Fencing

Everyone knows how popular wooden fences are, and they of course look wonderful for long periods of time. Wood is a durable, strong fencing material that also ensures a good amount of privacy within any backyard. Picket fences have always been associated with suburban neighborhoods, and these days many homeowners are choosing strong woods like cedar to build their fences up for the long-term!

Of course wooden fences will cost a bit more than some of the other materials on this list, but wooden fences also provide an incredible return on investment because of their aesthetic appeal and how they provide privacy.

There are countless styles associated with wooden fences, so it’s important for every homeowner to look through their options and decide what type of wood and fence styling would work best for their property.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron is by far the strongest fencing material in this list, and it goes without saying that it does an incredible job at increasing home value. This fencing material is also very useful if you live in an area that experiences extreme weather as well.

It’s definitely more expensive than wood, but the aesthetics are undeniable and you can actually end up increasing your home’s value A LOT when going this route. So even though this type of fence may cost a lot, you’ll be able to easily get your investment back when selling your home.

Another great aspect of this fence material is that you’ll be able to completely customize it to your liking and property parameters, so it will undoubtedly be a one-of-a-kind fence!

Residential Steel Fencing

You’ve probably seen this type of steel surrounding homes and commercial properties everywhere, and that’s because steel fencing has become a really popular option in recent years that has somewhat out done wooden fencing in some areas. It’s a rather expensive fencing material, but it looks great and will definitely provide your property with the appearance of elegance and luxury that is sure to increase your property’s value!

For more information about pricing and other questions, feel free to reach out to the link at the top of the article!

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