Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro, offers the most popular beaches in the state

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Forte Cabo Frio Beach - RJ - Brazil

Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro, offers the most popular beaches in the state

Did you know that Cabo Frio has almost 124 miles of sand strip? That means dozens of beaches to visit during the summer! Isn't it paradise? To be able to visit them all, many people end up looking for houses for rent in Cabo Frio. That way, it’s possible to explore what’s best offered in each one of them, with no hurry, in a laid-back, relaxed way.

Moreover, we know that each person has their own preferences and particularities. While some prefer to surf in extreme waves, others prefer trendy beaches, where lots of fun and flirting take place. There are also those who enjoy taking their family to calm seas and the ones adherents of naturalism principles that escape from the hustle and bustle to connect with nature.

With urban characteristics, the beaches of Cabo Frio have excellent infrastructure and attract audiences of different styles. The variety of beaches in its territory has alternatives that best fit each personality, meeting all tastes. To give you a good idea on where you can better enjoy your summer in Cabo Frio, we have outlined 5 beaches according to the public that usually goes there. Check them out:

Fun with friends – Fort Beach (Praia do Forte)

The city's postcard, Praia do Forte, is located in the central region, close to the commercial and residential area. Considered the main beach of Cabo Frio, it is over 4.6 miles long. The beach structure is excellent, with lots of kiosks, stalls and a very well taken care of. It’s because of that that it usually gets crowded during the high season. Its clear and cold water justify the name given to the city. The sand is white and soft, perfect for lying down on a beach towel, setting up the umbrella and having a cold beer among friends.

Further down, you can also watch sailors with their sail boats. The beach is internationally known as the longest lane in the world for the sport. In the corner is Fort St. Matthew (Forte São Mateus), installed to defend the city, at the colony time, against Spanish and Dutch invasions. The fort gives its name to the beach.

Surfing on good waves - Peró Beach (Praia do Peró)

The second largest beach in town is located in a bay with choppy waves. There, the waters remain crystal clear, but the temperature is milder. There are 4.3 miles of fine, compact white sand, surrounded by summer houses, quality hotels and inns, kiosks with a wide variety of snacks and restaurants with excellent seafood cuisine. Although it has a good structure, it is 5 miles away from downtown, where the main commercial area is.

For those who want to surf during the high season, beware of the messy tourists. Best advice is to arrive early in the morning and enjoy the good waves. As for the tourists, beware in regard to parking. Preferably look for a secure and paid parking, as in some nearby areas there have been reports of stolen objects. Families should look for other beach alternatives with calm waters, especially if accompanied by children.

Nature and Extreme Sports – Dunas Beach (Praia das Dunas)

Between Praia do Forte and Praia do Foguete (Fort and Rocket Beaches), just 1.9 miles away from the center, is Praia das Dunas. There, the bustle is smaller; the structure is more simplified, with a few kiosks and some vacation homes. The area of ​​environmental preservation and the beautiful dunes are the main focus, which are accessed by Praia do Forte.

The place is the right destination for nature lovers and for those who enjoy extreme sports. The beach is one of the most popular for surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing and sailing. This is due to the strong currents and winds that mark the region. Therefore, it is not suitable for swimming, especially for children. It is also not recommended for those looking for hype, since people who go there are usually seeking peace and quiet. Still, it is always recommended to go in groups, as there are cases of theft during the high season.

Family Tranquility – Shells Beach (Praia das Conchas)

The small Praia das Conchas is perfect for families: calm, green and transparent waters, clean white sand, a variety of kiosks and tourist activities such as scuba diving, kayaking and horseback riding. There are also several hotels, inns and vacation homes in the region. The only downside is its distance from downtown. It's 4.3 miles away and across a hill. Therefore, access is recommended by car.

In addition to the families that frequent the beach, there are also several fishermen from the region, who practice fishing from the stones or their colorful boats. In the corner, next to the rocks where fishermen usually stay, there are gorgeous natural pools. The view and the bath are wonderful, but be careful as they might be too deep.

Naturalism in its essence – Brava Beach (Praia Brava)

Isolated from the rest, Praia Brava is the stronghold of nudist practitioners. It is an area with total privacy and tranquility, destination of those who seek to connect with nature. Also frequented by surfers, the beach is divided into an area where clothing and photography are allowed, and an area where material objects such as these are not allowed. For those who want to visit, there is a stone marking the division, in order to establish a harmonious coexistence between both groups.

Because of its naturalistic proposal, there is no infrastructure in the region. Therefore, those who want to spend the afternoon there should bring their own food, plenty of water and trash bags. Also don't forget the sunscreen and a hat, as there is no type of shaded area. The access is from Praia do Peró, following the signs to Ilha do Japones (Japanese Island) until arriving at the parking lot, which costs R$10. Since it is very close to the island, the best is to enjoy the morning and have lunch at the island first, then spend the afternoon at Praia Brava, either in the nudist area, or in the surfing area.

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