The Ultimate Real Estate SEO Checklist

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Today, running a successful and profitable real estate business depends on having a strong online presence. In this age of the internet and the rise of social media, being present from a business perspective in both physical and digital world is equally important. In fact, today’s customer has grown increasingly dependent on the internet for getting suggestions and seeking information on any kind of service they want at any time.

Anything from choosing a brand for shopping apparel, selecting a university or college for admission, finding job opportunities, and many more. According to this post from Ahrefs, most of these tasks are now being done using Google and other online sources, and that’s a lot of search traffic you may potentially be missing out on.

Therefore, the ranking of your real estate business amongst the top search results is the key to growth, success and getting ahead of the competition. For this, you need to work on SEO of your business’ web pages. There are many factors that contribute to improving your Google rankings, meaning that reviewing everything can be a lengthy and tiring process, so we’ve created this checklist of the key actions you can take today to start getting results.

Perform an SEO Audit

If you have no prior SEO experience, this can be an intensive task and may need to take the services of an SEO expert. You’ll need to review the structure of the website and the specifics of each page itself. The content will also need to be checked for quality and originality. You will have to check if your selected keywords are properly placed in all the correct places, in the right way without over optimizing. The links on the page will also be checked for speed, mobile friendliness and if it there are any broken links.

Complete Your Profiles

Go through each of your profiles and listings, check the correctness and completeness of the information provided. Make sure you have a correct and working contact number, physical address, email address, the city where you are working, and links to the main page in the profiles on each forum including, social media sites and other real estate listing pages. Google will need to verify all such information for its consistency with what’s provided in your Google My Business listing to ensure it’s accurate. Any differences between what they expect and what they see can negatively impact ranking in search results.

Plan Your Keywords

Devise a plan for choosing and posting the best keywords for SEO content writing for your web pages and blogs etc. The keyword should be used in the URL of the webpage, in the title of the page, captions of the image, and tags of the images, also use keywords multiple times in the content. According to Noop SEO Perth, it’s important to think about using localized keywords that will make your rank higher in your local territory where you are providing real estate services.

If you happened to be based in Perth for example, this will involve using keywords like Realtors in Perth, Perth Real-Estate Agents, and Perth Homes for Sale. Moreover, keywords with long phrases like consisting of a phrase of 5 to 7 words related to your business will be more helpful.

Increase your Online Activity

Make your online presence more active and effective with good quality and original content presented at various forums, like Reddit, blogs, social media websites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, etc.). Register your website on various famous business listing directories like Yellow Pages, Whitepages, CitySearch and Craiglist to give an impression to the visitors that you are not a fraud and they can easily trust you. You can also post visual content like videos and photos as these contents are now famous among customers.

Taking these actions, regularly and proactively will bring you closer to earning the highest position in search results. As a real estate business this increased visibility, is the ideal marketing scenario. You’ll benefit greatly from increased brand awareness, more organic traffic, more leads are more opportunities to convert enquiries into sales.

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