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GET A NEW CAR! By this, I do not mean buy a new car, but simply let us help you in modifying your old car into a new one!  

No matter what the car, almost all of us like them to be shiny and eye-catching. However, cleaning them every day could be an exhausting task, and the result could be easily ruined by a single blow of wind. Why choose an unreliable way when you have best paint sealant for black cars available!? 


This question is asked by many. The answer is, it depends on how you like your car to be. If you are someone who would reach any end to protect his or her car, then YES, this is an effective way to do that.  

If you park your car under a tree at night, then it will protect it against tree sap and bird droppings. Similarly, if you use your car a lot, it will avoid stone chips and your car will appear as shiny as ever! Prevention is better than cure.  


The two types of the many, that we consider important, are:  Acrylic sealants: These are oil-based sealants that are thicker than most polymers, and therefore, it is hard to apply them. However, they are more durable and can give your car a polished and clean look. 

 POLYMER SEALANT: Polymer sealants are made up of light polymers which makes their application a lot much easier. However, they are less durable and more expensive. Nevertheless, their abrasion-resistant quality improves their performance to the highest levels. 


The seller can easily talk you into buying his or her unreliable product if you don’t have background knowledge about paint sealants. Make sure to go through the following features before you make such a mistake:  TYPE: As explained above, paint sealants come in two types, mainly. It is advisable to use polymer sealants if you need it for personal use (because it’s easier to apply) and acrylic sealant for commercial purposes. Both give an effective result though!  DURABILITY: It is important that the paint that you opt for has longer durability. Durability depends on the type of your sealant, and the type depends on your purpose of using it.   EASE OF APPLICATION: The solvent should not be too thick or too thin. Again, it depends on the type but you should go for the solvent that you feel is easier to apply. 

You might not be able to remember all of these features while buying it because we can be just too excited to see our bright polished cars! But don’t worry, because you don’t have to try at all since we have already chosen for you CHEMICAL GUYS CWS_808 HYBRID V7’s polymer It. It has a rating of 4.5 stars and is known for giving a high gloss shine! 


We all know the problems associated with a black car, getting dirty every next day! The best solution is this paint sealant, that gives a mirror-like shine. Its advanced long-lasting UV technology means that you can travel for as long as you want, and still return with a brand new car.  

So don’t stop your children from touching the car now, because it can remove all the fingerprints, dirt, dust, etc.  

OTHER FEATURES:  EASY APPLICATION: Since it is a polymer sealant, it is easier to apply. So if you are someone who needs it for home-use, this is a perfect choice!  OPTICAL GRADE CLARITY: Chemical Guys have spent five years over developing optical grade technology to ensure that it is detailed and fast. Using the rapid bond technology, the transparent polymers blend in the surface on the nano-spec level, giving it a clear and prominent look.  

 TRANSPARENT UV PROTECTIVE POLYMERS: These advanced long-lasting polymers that come with UV technology. They are a strong protection against dirt, dust, rain, etc. Moreover, they give your car a look that no one can tell if you bought a new car!  OTHER FEATURES: Using this versatile paint sealant can give your car an absolutely amazing look and the paintwork can be easily cleaned. It works on glass, plastic, headlights, wheels, etc.!


If you are someone like me, always wanting the best when it comes to cars, then trust me this is the best you were looking for due to its durability, versatility, ease of application and it’s am amazing results.  

After using this sealant, you can take your car even in a dessert and still return home with the same shiny that you left with!

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