How to Hire The Best Home Improvement Professional?

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As soon as you start to list down things to get repaired for annual house maintenance, the list gets longer than the Christmas gifts and thanksgiving menu shopping list. This is the moment you realize your whole summer is going to be spent either doing all work on your own or bribing your children with money into it or most probably looking for several handymen for ten different things. It’s very likely that all the good and trustworthy ones are already booked. Now is the hassle to find the suitable contractor, here are a few tricks you can use to pick the best professionals your house improvement and safe yourself from a scam:

Whose is going to work for you best:

Certain task required in-depth knowledge and resources and even local certification from the higher authority or license. While other can be completed with a tool box.

Licensed contractor cost more whereas a handyman charge per hour or the fixation that has to be done. Remember that contractor, general contractor and handyman, each of them is qualified for different tasks according to projects timeframe and complexity.

Handyman is called for general home repair and routine maintenance such as repair and replacement of pipes, sinks, gutters, fence etc., yard work, toilet installment, seasonal maintenance and so on task that can be done in less than a week.

A contractor works almost independently and is occupied with complex knowledge and tools. They often work with agency or with a general contractor. Contractors often need a certification for home tasks like replacing tiles and rewiring of the house, installing heaters, generators, doors, windows, plumbing system and etc.

Contractors and handyman don’t have to follow any laws or rules while completing a project but if your home improvements require permit then GC (general contractor) is your man. General contractor works and manages the big projects with specialized subcontractors. GC are hired for remodeling or addition to sections of your house, building a new home. GC maintains budge, deadlines and all the permits you need.

In person analysis:

Once you have decided who will be suitable for your task and after research or recommendations whichever you prefer and is comfortable with, call the professional individual or team at home. In person analysis is very important. It will help decide if this can work long term or not. Ask them questions about their previous projects, any ongoing projects and how long have they worked with the subcontractors.


Never hesitate to ask questions about any specific procedure you might not understand. While you at it discuss the expenditure, ask the professional to breakdown the material prices to avoid in scams in profit margins and time frame beforehand. Put down a contract with dates and payment schedule. If you are working with GC follow the blueprint you have provided.

If still you are confused about the head start for home improvement professionals, visit Housener is linked with several different contractors and handyman, you can scroll through and pick according to your need and time.

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