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The fashion garments industry is highly dependent on how they present their unique products. Mostly the fashion industry presents their marvels either on the ramp with the famous fashion models wearing their garments on or beautifully placed over the racks in a boutique. A masterpiece can lose its value if it is not presented elegantly. The fashion product should be as elegantly and beautifully placed in the boutiques as precious they are. Bolun fashion garment rack experts are serving your fashion products display needs by designing the most beautiful and attractive platforms for your fashion products.

They design a lot of very unique and precisely designed platforms for your needs. You may also call Bolun Fashion Garment Rack for learning how to get the most out of your display arrangements to add more to your awesome creations.

There are many innovative ideas and designs available at Visit Bolun and choose what you like and you can order quickly from the website of Bolun. A wide variety of racks which you may find attractive for your fashion garment display may include the following:

Single Rail Racks

These racks are simple and yet beautiful for carrying the dresses hung on a single rail mounted on the top of two sidebars with different kinds of the bottom platform. The bottom line can be empty or a simple rod connecting the two bars and it has wheels attached to it for moving here and there on the floor. Consider a wide slab on the bottom where you may place accessories going best with the displayed outfits.

Single-Width Racks

The most special and unique masterpieces from your fashion garment collection can rest on a royal single-width rail rack which is bordered with two parallel rods encompassing the dress hung inside it. This can give the dress a special appearance like no other from your collection. A side table and a bottom platform for placing the accessory bags, shoes and clutches will also look great.

Double-Width Racks

Designed the same as the single width rack with an added width on the rail and bottom line for allowing you to hang a few pieces from the same family of dressing and designing variety. You can easily segregate formal, semi-formal and casual dressing in separate double width racks or on the racks wider than this. It will give you space for placing more than one type of accessory items on the bottom and sides of the rack.

Display Stands and Tables

You may find a wide range of display tables with multi-level stages to place clutches, handbags, and shoes mixed with other decorative objects to add more charm to the display. The same way multi-level stands and hangers also look artistic and attract the fashion aspirants towards their ultimate beauty and aesthetic appeal.

Wall and Ceiling Mounted Racks

These racks are not attached to the ground while these are hanging above the ground and are mounted on the ceiling and walls. The uniqueness of these racks makes these a center of attraction for all the visitors.

So, why are you thinking your time away? Pick up your phone and call Bolun Fashion Garment Rack Experts to get an exciting range of display ideas and products for your fashion outlet.

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