5 Reasons Why Your Home Needs Smart Locks

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 12 November 2019 21:12

Smart locks have become one the leading components to home automation in recent years, and if your home is still using old school locks then it may be time for you to make the switch.

Having a lock that utilizes both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is pretty amazing, and the pricing and overall availability of these locks are making them more attainable for the everyday homeowner, now more than ever.

We’re very lucky to have partnered up with a Gresham Locksmith to help us compile these 5 reasons why it may be a good idea to consider upgrading to smart locks, and by going through this article you’ll undoubtedly have a much better idea as to what smart locks are and why they are a great home improvement investment!

1. You’ll never need keys again!

The main idea around smart locks is to add a bit of convenience to your life, which means you’ll not need metal keys anymore to get in and out of your doors. Most smart locks feature things like voice control, remote access and keypads.

When your smart lock is connected to Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to securely lock your home remotely so you’ll never have to worry about leaving your house unlocked while you’re away!

2. Stylish curb appeal/first impression

Smart locks don’t always have to look like keypads or be clunky in anyway on your front door, and they can even look exactly like regular locks! Some smart locks have touch screen capability, which means that you’ll be able to code in your fingerprint in order to open and lock your doors as you please!

A keypad isn’t a bad look at all, though. You should definitely think about your home’s curb appeal and first impression when you are shopping for smart locks, and by going through your options you’ll definitely be able to find a set of smart locks that fit you and your family’s desired style!

3. You can still keep your old keys

You won’t need to replace your key just because you’ve upgraded to a smart lock, which is sometimes a really big factor for people who don’t want to go through the inconveniences of changing up their key ring selection. If you really want to, you’ll be able to set up a smart lock that also allows you to still use your existing deadbolt.

So if you want to keep your keys around and stay in the olden days there’s nothing wrong with that!

4. Let your friends in when you’re not home

There are countless situations in which you’ll want to let your friends, house cleaners, dog-walker or other service provider into your home while you’re away. With smart locks, letting people into your home when you’re not there has never been easier and safer.

This means you won’t have to worry about making copies of keys or hiding around a spare key on your property, because instead you’ll be able to unlock your door exactly when your friend or service partner arrives. You could also give them your pin code, but you don’t have to!

You can also utilize things like an Amazon Key, which comes with a smart camera, so you can allow Amazon deliveries to be safely delivered into your home and not be prone to the uprising porch pirates that everyone has been fearing in recent years!

5. Maintain your home’s security

One thing that smart lock owners need to be aware of is that fact that they are connected to the internet, which means you’ll want to ensure that your passwords are consistently updated and kept safe. But when it comes down to it, smart locks are always a great option for eliminating the risks of someone entering your home simply because they’re so hard to break or decipher!

Your home is simply safer with smart locks, and with the other factors above combining with home security it simply makes sense to join the 21st century and automate your home’s security!

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