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How to Get Red Juice Out of Carpet

Written by Posted On Monday, 02 December 2019 13:04

Red juice stains can be quite difficult to remove. You may try using store-bought bleaches and cleaners to clean and restore your carpet, but red juice stains are tough to get rid of and immune to many cleaners. Fortunately, there are plenty of household ingredients that you can use to successfully combat and get rid of tough stains. Learning how to get red juice out of carpet can come in quite handy.

How to Get Red Juice Out of Carpet - Carpet Cleaning Tips

In this article, we’ll discuss a few tips and tricks on getting red juice stains out of your carpet. From cleaning the carpet by hand to shampooing carpet, this post covers various remedies you can use to restore your carpet to its former clean state.

Club Soda

Club soda works particularly well if you catch the stain early, but it can still be effective on old juice stains. All you need to do is pour a liberal amount of club soda on the stain to bring it out of the carpet completely. Let the club soda fizz before blotting up with a clean towel. Repeat the process until the stain is no longer visible.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Expert carpet cleaners say using hydrogen peroxide for stain removal is a bit risky. You want to make sure it’s not too concentrated as that would lighten your carpet. Consider testing the hydrogen peroxide on a small hidden section of the carpet to confirm that it won’t damage your carpet. Pour the peroxide over a small portion of the stain and give it about 15 minutes before blotting. Be sure to pour the peroxide over the entire stain to remove it effectively.

Undiluted Lemon Juice

Like hydrogen peroxide, it’s important to test a spot on the carpet before dousing the stain in lemon juice. Lemon may lighten your carpet. Once you’ve confirmed that the lemon won’t damage your carpet, pour it over the stain and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes. Then blot clean the area with a sponge. If the stain proves difficult to remove, consider mixing some detergent with lemon juice. Mix equal parts lemon juice and water with a splash of detergent in a spray bottle, shake well and spray the solution on the stain.

Ammonia and Hot Water

Mix a solution of equal parts hot water and ammonia in a spray bottle. Make enough solution to coat the stain at least once but preferably two to three times. Place a white towel over the stain and go over it with an iron on its highest setting. The stain will start to transfer onto the towel. However, it may take up to 6 times for it to disappear completely.  This trick works on old stains as well but you want to try to work on it as soon as possible. It’s still important to test a hidden section of your carpet to make sure you don’t scorch your carpet.

Bottom Line

There are many carpet cleaning solutions to consider. With these simple tips, you now know how to get red juice out of carpet. Most times you have to deal with stains, try to act as soon as possible.Make sure you assess what type of carpet you have to know which method is most effective. Acting fast prevents the spillage from getting deeper into the carpet fibers, which means you’ll have an easier time removing it.

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