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How to Make Epoxy Floors Shine - Sprucing Up Your Garag

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Epoxy flooring is a resilient and attractive option which is versatile, durable, and simple to keep up. A lot of businesses and homeowners invest in epoxy for the basement, garage, warehouse, and store floors. One of the best features about epoxy flooring is how great it cleans up. Even after years of wear and tear, you can make these tough floors look like new in only a few steps. Maintaining epoxy flooring does not take much work, but it takes specific tools and know how. Read on to know how to make epoxy floors shine.

Make Your Epoxy Floors Shine - Sprucing Up Your Garage

Preventing Damage

Although epoxy is very durable and made with many layers of coating, it is not indestructible. Prevent damage to your flooring by putting soft pads under motorcycle and bicycle kickstands in the garage. Even a computer mouse pad can work for this. Also, any furniture that could scratch the epoxy needs protective pads as well. If you must lift heavy loads with rolling jacks, put plywood under the jack stands. A welding mat can be used if you weld above your flooring. It is very scratch resistant, but does not hurt to take these precautions.

Routine Maintenance Cleaning

Like any other flooring, epoxy needs simple maintenance to keep shiny and good looking. Minor maintenance can keep large-scale messes from loading up on your epoxy floor, making it perform and look better throughout the year. Doing so makes heavy or annual cleanings much easier as well.

If any liquids spill on your floor, just wipe them up with a paper towel or soft cloth. An industrial wet/ dry vacuum or broom can be used to pick up debris or dust. A blue commercial dust mop or soft-bristle brook are other great options for routine maintenance since they will not scratch the surface.

Removing Tough Stains

If something heavier soils your flooring, such as engine oil, a solution of water and ammonia can adequately remove the stain. Treat spills as soon as possible so they will not stain. Sweep any debris and dust away first, then mix five ounces of clear ammonia for every gallon of hot water. Soak a foam mop in this solution and totally scrub the area that is soiled. Using this mixture to mop your floor removes all kinds of stains without hurting the epoxy coating.

Some stains such as rust, might need additional light scrubbing with a kitchen pad. Epoxy Flooring Contractor NYC at Epoxy Strong suggest to not use a metal scrubber or steel-wool, as you can scratch the epoxy. Use hot water to scrub the area, and if that does not work, you can try a soft scrub. Do not use any abrasive cleaners.

Making Your Floors Shine Like New

Your new epoxy flooring shines beautifully. However, over time, it can fog from foot traffic and compounds from your vehicle. Once a year at least, clean your whole floor to make it shine like new again. You can do this by hosing it off with hot water, and then use a squeegee to dry it. Doing so should remove any residue or cloudiness. For spots which are not clear after this, spray some all-purpose surface cleaner and wipe down the area with a soft cloth.

You might need to do heavy-duty cleaning every six months for the floor to look its best. This includes mopping the whole floor with the water and ammonia solution.

Bottom Line

Maintaining the look of your epoxy floors is rather straightforward, and can ensure that your floors are always shining. Don’t know how to make epoxy floors shine though? All that you have to do is stick to a routine maintenance cleaning schedule, remove tough stains, prevent damage, and then do a deep cleaning every six months.

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