Moving house with young kids – 3 tips to make it easier

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Moving house can be a stressful business. Having young kids can also be stressful, add the two together and moving house can be a logistical nightmare. Here are 3 tips to help make moving with young kids easier


Moving house with young children can be especially difficult but with careful planning and a bit of organisation, not to mention help from family and friends it doesn’t need to be such a daunting task. Read on for some great tips on how to move house with your family, with less stress.



Friends and family will often ask if you need a hand when you are moving; packing, taking clutter to the charity shop or if you are moving on your own, even with loading and unloading on the big day. However, the best way to utilise this help is to ask for help with your young kids, either by entertaining them in your own home whilst you get on with the packing or better still by taking them out for the day. A motivated parent with a childfree day can achieve an awful lot of things in a very short space of time. If help is not offered, then don’t be afraid to ask, people might just assume you don’t need help! Don’t forget to arrange for childcare on the day of the move as well.


When it comes to packing with young kids around, it can be very hard, as they like to help. Unfortunately, this help often means that as you pack things they will unpack them for you, which can be very frustrating. A good way of avoiding this is to give each child their own box. Let them decorate the box so that they know it is theirs, and then they can pack some of their own things into it. Perhaps their favourite toys, books and even a favourite item of clothing. This can help your child to feel like they are part of the moving process, small children can often worry that either they or their special things will be left behind when moving to a new house. It may also, if you are lucky, make them bored of helping, leaving you to get on in peace! Where possible pack whilst your children are sleeping to avoid the issues of them unpacking things.

On moving day make sure your child sees their special box being loaded onto the removal truck for extra reassurance. If some items are being placed in self-storage while you settle into your new home, make sure it isn’t one of the kids’ special boxes!


Moving to a new home can be scary, especially when you are a small child and don’t fully understand what is happening. Take some time as a family to familiarise yourselves with the area you are moving to. Make a day of it, find the local parks, perhaps have a drink and a snack in a local café, show your children all the fun places you will be able to visit near your new home. This doesn’t need to include the house you are moving to, as it will be filled with other people’s possessions this may confuse your children more, but if you can visit the road you are living on it might be helpful.

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