How to Fix Loose Pavers

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Do you want to know how to fix loose pavers? Are you looking for some easy ways to boost the performance and durability of pavers? Loose pavers can affect both the look and functionality of your patios. If you are thinking that concrete is responsible for loose pavers, then you are wrong. It is the sand that makes your pavers loose. Therefore, you will have to address the root cause to find out a lasting solution.

How to Fix Loose Pavers - Tips to Restore Your Pavers

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, it is likely you have pavers surrounding it. You can blame many things for loose pavers. In this article, we will help you to know the causes and solutions. Needless to mention, if you know the causes, you might not face this condition. Keep reading to know how to fix your loose pavers.

Causes of Loose Pavers 

Paver professionals say you can blame the space between pavers. When space is more than required, it might cause loose pavers. Also, too much space will affect the functionality and look.  If you do not compact the sand space, you can experience the same problem. You can rent a compactor for this purpose.

Many of us ignore the edges while installing pavers. We focus more on the center and avoid edges. The result is predictable. The edges will be prone to wear and that might cause loose pavers. Another cause is poor drainage. Make sure that the drainage is proper to avoid the possibility.

Loose pavers can also be a sign of a possible termite infestation. These little critters can hide underneath pavers and begin to shift them around. So make sure you are also checking thoroughly underneath the pavers. 

How to Fix

If you are interested in remodeling your backyard, it is important to know how to fix loose pavers. The problem is with the installation process. You will have to take extra caution during installation to prevent such a condition. When the problem is with the sand, you will have to add more sand. If you have loose pavers, first, pull pavers and then add sand. Make sure that you are adding a small amount at a time. 

Spread the sand evenly into a flat layer and tamp it down. Your objective is to create a solid base for loose pavers.  You will have to create an even and flat surface to make the fix durable. If required, you can use a level to get the best outcome. You can find a level app on your smartphone. 

Once you are done with the surface, place the paver and ensure that the height is not more than the surrounding pavers. After placing the paver, you can apply more sand to get the right fit. Consider using a rubber mallet to taper paver and make it sit perfectly in the sand. After placing the paver, check the level again to ensure that the paver is lined up properly with other pavers. 

If you want a lasting result, you will have to pour more sand over the area. Use any tool even a broom to make the sand to get a proper setup. You need to fill all the gaps between pavers with sand. 

In Conclusion 

Now you know how to fix loose pavers. However, prevention is better than cure. So, make the installation proper and use the required amount of the sand to prevent this condition. You can follow the above-mentioned tips to fix loose pavers. These tips can be effective to fix all loose pavers. So, whether you have loose pavers or oil stains on your pavers make sure you properly take care of your pavers

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