What You Need To Know About Getting a Wine Cooler for Your House

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Most people think that only rich people are the ones who buy wine coolers, but of course, that is not the case. Or maybe they are right to think that way. Because have you ever thought about who would buy extra equipment just to cool their wines? 

People who are actually serious about getting a glass of wine for themselves and their guests are the ones who buy the extraordinary equipment. These people usually choose to get a residential wine cooler. Other ones are the commercial ones about which we have discussed below in the article.

Furthermore, those people who have a collection of several vintage wines make sure that they protect them from light, heat, humidity, and vibration in order to not let it get spoiled or affected. Generally, those people prefer to get cellars or make one that is situated below their homes. It is a room on the underground level in their homes which usually stays dark and empty. The temperature in the cellar remains for around 55 degrees and that is where the wine doesn’t get disturbed. We have described more about cellars n the article below.    

However, the luxury of keeping your own wine cellar or wine cooler at your home is great. There are several companies and manufacturers that provide various choices in colors, shapes, sizes and styles to choose your perfect and effective wine coolers and wine cellars.

What Is Meant By Wine Cellars?

The wine cellar is considered to be a small storage room for the bottles of wines or barrels. Other than that, plastic containers, carboys or amphoras are also stored in them. The important factors for which wine cellars were created were their humidity and temperature that are maintained by the climate control system. There are two types of wine cellars. 

  1. Active Wine Cellars
  2. Passive Wine Cellars  

While the active wine cellars are controlled by climate changes, the passive ones are totally different. They are usually built underground to reduce temperature swings. Passive wine cellars are also called as wine closet whereas the active ones are called as wine rooms. The department of wine cellars that are responsible for the storage, care, and service of wines are termed as buttery.   

Commercial Wine Coolers

Having to store wine is not a difficult task at all. But making sure that the flavor, color, and complexity of the wine is retained is all that matters. All the subtle changes in the temperature, humidity, and UV light levels affect and impact the wine bottle hugely. But a wine cooler certainly ensures that everything is as it should be till the very last sip of your wine. 

Commercial wine coolers are the ones that have a digital thermometer attached in them. They allow a person to keep checking on the temperature of their beverages and wines all the time. An individual can also monitor the temperature of the cooler as per the requirement of the external natural environment. 

Moreover, these coolers are designed with the ability to control the air movement around them. This system is called the reverse air system within the commercial wine cooler. At the same time, these coolers are designed to perform the circulation of cold air inside them while the warm air is kept outside at all times. The manufacturers of wine coolers make sure to offer it with the built-in electronic voltage protection system.

Instead of making sure that the wine is safe and cool, these wine coolers also adds a luxurious look to a room. They are certainly the perfect way to show off the amazing collection of vintage and prized wines. Of course, wine coolers are different from the standard refrigerators. In order to help our readers get the best wine cooler, we have mentioned the best features of them below.  


You must have heard about the traditional white wine that is supposed to be kept cooler. But do you know that these wines need specific temperatures as compared to other types of wines? 

Generally, red and white wine require a warmer temperature to stay cool. The temperature should range from 12 degrees Celsius to 19 degrees Celsius. 

For this purpose, a wine cooler is the best choice. They are supposed to let you control the temperature as per the requirement to get your wine perfectly chilled. Some coolers have separate zones inside them in order to get the right temperature of all different kinds of wines that include red and white wines with independent temperatures.  

Humidity and Ventilation:

The most ultra-modern wine coolers and state of the art wine coolers are the ones that not only take care of different temperature levels but also ensure the right humidity and ventilation levels. 

The good ventilation system in a cooler keeps the wine ever after leaving the door open for some time. It stores the wine significantly as the moisture prevents the wine from drying out.

However, too much humidity could cause mold which can make it difficult to get rid of any odors.


You need to be very sure of the quantity you’ll place inside the coolers as these appliances vary hugely in sizes. Some can store seven bottles while some can store 100 at a time. Typically a normal cooler has the capacity to store 30 to 40 bottles in it. 

Moreover, it is worth considering which types of wines you and your guests love to drink more often. It is because some wines have a wider bottle whereas some have shorter ones. 


Wine coolers are certainly made up of high quality with special designs to keep the temperatures of wines at a premium and light level. Wine coolers are attractive that do not let sudden environmental changes to affect the wines stored in them. Numerous companies ensure to make incredible kinds of wine cooler that fits perfectly to their customers’ requirements. 

Before buying one, make sure to check out these Wine Cooler Reviews to select the best one for yourself. Whether you need it for commercial purposes or residential purposes, they work effectively. These include small countertop models as well as large wine coolers in order to fit bigger wine collections too. 

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