5 Most Common Household Appliance Repair Symptoms

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Everyone in the real estate industry fully understands just how important it is for listings to have adequate appliances, because otherwise the overall property value of a listing could potentially be significantly diminished.

The main issue that occurs with these types of appliance repair issues is that many home owners simply don’t recognize the common symptoms that can lead to serious appliance issues, which subsequently leads to undiagnosed appliance problems that worsen with time.

Appliance repair specialists have helped us compile this list of the 5 most common household appliance repair symptoms, and by going through this list you’ll be able to better diagnose your own home’s appliance issues, as well as look through your clients’ appliances and better decipher whether or not a repair may be necessary in order to preserve a property’s overall value.

So here are the 5 most common signs of household appliance repairs, and we’ll organize these symptoms by filling you in on the symptoms of each of your home’s appliances:

Washers and Washing Machines

Both your washer and dryer machines are rather susceptible to malfunction, partly because we tend to do our laundry at home on a regular basis and can ultimately wear out certain parts that will then need repairing. A lot of sellers may attempt to not repair these types of appliances when they put their home on the market, and this can many times be a big mistake that turns potential buyers off.

Some of the most common repair symptoms for washers include the following:

  • Your washer’s basin takes a very long time to fill up
  • You can smell a burning aroma or any other unusual scent that’s coming from your washing machine
  • Your washer continuously makes whining noises or any other unusual sounds
  • Your washer doesn’t spin correctly, or at all
  • You washing machine isn’t properly draining itself and leaving large pools of water within the machine


Our ovens are an essential part of our kitchens and overall at-home cooking capabilities, which is part of the reason why so many homeowners see so many issues within these types of appliances. It’s somewhat difficult for the average homeowner to understand or recognize the issues they may be experiencing with their ovens, and this is because we typically just shut the door and hope our food is cooked properly.

But when your food isn’t cooked properly and you think you may have an issue with your oven, the costs of repairing can sometimes be very high. That’s why it’s so crucial to understand the following repair symptoms associate with ovens:

  • Your oven cannot reach the desired temperatures you set for it
  • You recognize any kind of sparks coming from within the oven
  • Your cook top’s burners aren’t properly lighting
  • You’re experiencing any kind of malfunctioning with your oven’s displays, dials and/or clock.
  • Your oven door will not properly close


A lot of homeowners of older homes don’t realize that they should have more than likely replaced their refrigerator a long time ago, and although it may be a hard truth to swallow, refrigerators simply don’t last forever. Homeowners trying to sell will experience a ton of issues if they’re trying to sell their property along with a malfunctioning refrigerator, so it’s important as real estate specialists to understand the common signs associated with refrigerator repair.

Some of the common refrigerator repair symptoms include the following:

  • Your food isn’t being cooled properly, or at least as much as you expect it to be
  • You can hear a humming sound come from your refrigerator, which typically is a rather high-pitched, loud tone
  • You notice any kind of condensation seeping from your refrigerator’s seals
  • You have noticed a pool of water building up from either behind or underneath your refrigerator
  • You have noticed a considerable amount of frost within your refrigerator


We all use our dishwashers on a daily basis, and it’s an unfortunate aspect of being a homeowner in that dishwashers tend to be one of the appliances that malfunction most frequently. Homebuyers don’t typically test out dishwashers when they’re looking at listings, so it’s important as realtors to be aware of the certain issues that may be occurring within a listing’s dishwashers, including:

  • You notice that your dishes are dirty after conducting a cleaning cycle
  • The dishwasher’s water doesn’t warm up properly
  • You can notice any kind of rust on the bottom of the dishwasher
  • You notice any kind of leaking soap or water that pools onto the kitchen floor
  • The dishwasher’s latch doesn’t properly secure itself


Our dryers are the household appliances that malfunction the most, and this is most likely because of the overall nature of these machines tumbling our clothes around in circles at high speeds. It simply makes sense that dryers malfunction a lot, and it’s crucial that all realtors understand any malfunction symptoms when checking out listings.

Some of the most common dryer repair symptoms include the following:

  • Your clothes are taking far too long to dry
  • Your dryer makes any kind of violent shaking when in operation
  • You can hear loud noises coming from the appliance
  • The tumbling action within your dryer simply isn’t working
  • Your dyer is tearing or marking up your clothes

Ensuring your listings’ appliances are adequate is crucial to client satisfaction

No one in the industry wants to take a client to a listing only to realize that one or multiple appliances aren’t working properly. It’s embarrassing, and it ultimately will make the real estate professional look bad, which is not what you’ll want from your first impressions.

If you believe your listing is experiencing any kind of appliance issues, then it’s important to reach out to the homeowner and appliance repair specialists. If you have any further questions about appliance repair symptoms, reach out to the specialist via the link at the at the top of the article!

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