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Spotting Bed Bugs - How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

Written by Posted On Friday, 13 December 2019 22:58

Bed bugs are tiny little insects that feed on blood and once they invade your home, it is very hard to get rid of them. In the previous article, you read about common questions about bed bugs and discussed some ways of getting rid of them. People have lots of queries about how do they get bed bugs in the first place, so in this article, all questions are addressed.


Knowing how you can get bed bugs might help you in preventing your house from becoming a station for them. The old wives’ tale that poor hygiene causes bed bugs is just an old wives’ tale. While it is correct that a cluttered place is a haven for bed bugs, regular cleaning does not ensure that they will never be in your residence. Bed bugs like to travel and hide. They travel from one place to another on transports like clothes, luggage, sheets, and even humans. Bed bugs can infest your place when they get there through someone or something. Even a single female bug carrying eggs can turn your home into an infested zone.


Bed Bug Treatment


Common Infestation Places


Bed bugs are common where a lot of people come and go. For instance, hotels, motels, and dormitories are in general infested. Similarly, you can easily find these little pests in apartment buildings. The probability of finding them in places like these is high because a lot of people come and leave and some of them might bring bed bugs with them – some others might leave with them. On the other hand, nuclear family homes and small houses are much less likely to have these little pests for the same reason.


Likewise, many theaters also have bed bugs. When people watch a movie in these theaters, bed bugs cling on to their clothes and come to the home with them. Whenever you visit any of the aforementioned public places, you run the risk of bringing home an unwanted surprise.


Bed Bugs Hiding Spots


Bed bugs like to hide around the bed – in cracks and crevices. Studies have shown that most bed bugs are found in mattresses or within 14-feet of the bed. However, sofas can also be plague-ridden. Aside from mattresses and sofas, bed bugs can be hiding along the edge of the carpet, behind picture frames, inside drawers, box spring, baseboard areas, and closets – perhaps they have fashion sense. And if that’s not all, bed bugs also like to hide in books – maybe they like reading also. Bed bugs love to hide where there is a crack or a crevice. If you have cracks in your home or in the plaster consider having them fixed at once you should also remove bird nests that may be in attics or close to the home and if you have wallpaper in the home in any of the rooms glue any loose corners again to prevent cracks where bed bugs can get.




Hotel Bed Bugs


Hotels and motels are the favorite hangouts of bed bugs, so if you have recently been traveling then you should watch your house. According to the statistics of 2012, almost 25% of the hotels have bed bugs. They are least likely to be found in bathrooms, so a good tip to prevent bed bugs is to leave your luggage in the bathroom. Another way to protect your luggage from them is to wrap it with plastic. You can buy zip bags made especially for this purpose. This will also save your luggage during the flight.


Whenever you go to a hotel room, you should check that there are no bed bugs there. Bring a magnifying glass with you to make it absolutely sure that you are completely safe. Start with the bed and the mattress. The upside of hotel rooms is that they generally have white sheets so it is easier to detect bed bugs. Look for small blood stains or small back dots. Check the cushions, the seams of chairs and anywhere you think there is a good hiding spot for them. If you do find the signs of these bugs in your room, then informing the staff is not enough. You should ask the staff to give you a different room that is at least two floors away from this room. Believe it or not, bed bugs can travel through wallboards and electric sockets, so you are not safe until you are far away from them.


Bed Bug Treatments


Once you settle in the hotel, never leave you to bag on the floor. Although your room might be clean of bed bugs, they can travel from room to room. Leaving your suitcase or clothes lying around in the room is just a way to invite them to your home. You can keep your suitcases on the desktop while you are staying in the hotel.


If you got to know that your house or workplace is infested with bed bugs and you don’t familiar with ways to eradicate them than hiring a local Pest Control Adelaide professional is the best way you can choose to get rid of those ugly bloodsuckers.

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