5 Easy Ways to Brighten Up Darker Rooms in Your Listings

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 18 December 2019 16:59

Every room counts when it comes to impressing potential homebuyers, which is why every real estate professional needs to take some of the less favorable rooms in their listings seriously. It’s always a bummer when a buyer turns down a home just because one or two rooms seem too dark or not inviting enough, and this is typically an issue that can be easily resolved.

Here are 5 ways that you can help brighten up some of those darker areas within your listings:

Install a Mirror

Mirrors are great tools at tricking the eye into thinking there’s a window, or any kind added light source within a room as it bounces off other lights within a home. This of course makes the overall placement of mirrors in darker rooms extremely important, so we always recommend utilizing the existing light to bounce it effectively off a mirror.

Many times this may mean placing a window next to, or directly across from a window.

Utilize Light or Bright Furniture

Dark fabrics and furniture don't help when it comes to brightening up darker rooms, and utilizing lighter colors can do wonders in terms of creating a lighter feel to any room. Even when a room receives little natural light, you’ll get a much better response from the natural light when you have lighter colors throughout the space.

This sometimes may mean asking your sellers to place different fabrics in their darker room(s) in order to make those rooms feel more spacious and inviting during open houses and showings.

Add an Area Rug

Everyone knows how useful area rugs are for a whole variety of purposes, not just creating lighter atmospheres in darker rooms. When a room is dark there are good chances that the floors are also rather dark, so by focusing on brightening up the flooring with a bright area rug you can ultimately create a whole different ambience to a room.

Bright Walls

Painting a dark room in a brighter color is always something that real estate agents can suggest to potential buyers, but it goes a long way for sellers to do the legwork when a room is noticeably dark and needs aesthetic improvements. But, it’s important that you never go too light. White walls are always a terrible look for any home, so even if you are ready to go lighter with your walls you still need to be considerate of the room’s overall aesthetics.

Remove any Curtains

When a room is relatively dark, it’s important to make the very most out of whatever natural light is available within the space. This may mean taking down any window treatments and then re-thinking how you’d like those window areas to look. It’s not like you’re unable to utilize window treatments, but ensuring that they don’t protrude any natural light during the daytime is crucial to making a room seem brighter than it really is!

There really are a lot of ways that you can brighten up your darker rooms, but it just takes a bit of ingenuity to ensure that you’re doing so appropriately and in a fashion that works well within the overall aesthetic flow of your home or client listing!

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