Types of Rugs

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The rug creates an image of homeliness, warmth, and comfort. A correctly selected product complements the interior, transforms it according to your requirements and wishes. The rugs are classified through different types, but the most famous type of Rug is Loloi Rugs.
Types of Rugs
Classification by type of production
• Machine The machine produces up to 2.5 thousand square meters of rug per day. Therefore, quality is standard.
• Manual Such products stand out for their individuality and originality. But the cost is high since one palace is done 2-3 months.
Rug Materials.
Wool Rugs
Natural and high-quality coating. Woolen products correspond to the classic design, which is expensive, but they last a long time. Sheep wool is soft, warm, durable and pleasant to the touch. Sometimes manufacturers add camel or goat hair.
Silk rugs
It is made from threads extracted from silkworm cocoons. The thread has a triangular section and refracts light, causing beautiful overflows and shine. The price of such a rug will be high.
Viscose Rugs
The composition of the material includes the natural component of cellulose. Therefore, according to the characteristics of viscose, it is approaching natural material.
Viscose threads are easily dyed, so rugs are made of it variegated and shiny. Most products have a floral print, but there are also plain colors. Coatings do not fade for a long time.
Features of Rugs according to their material:
• elasticity;
• environmental friendliness;
• resistance to mechanical damage;
• the material has fire-fighting properties, does not support combustion;
• expensive, noble appearance;
• absorbs excess moisture, and as soon as the air becomes dry, returns it;
• very long service life (40-50 years).
• high strength, thin, light;
• handmade rugs are made from a huge number of knots, so they are very dense;
• keep their shape perfectly;
• have firefighting properties;
• hypoallergenic.
• suitable for crowded places;
• affordable cost;
• hypoallergenic;
• breathability;
• no static electricity is generated;
• soft, pleasant to the touch;
• products weigh a little.
Rugs made of polyamide (nylon)
Polyamide is a synthetic material. Fibers are made by processing organic raw materials (oil, natural coal, gas). Nylon coating is widely used in manufacturing.
Rugs made of polyester (polyester)
Polyester is created from synthetic polyester fiber using a special technology. The result is a product that is close in performance to cotton, and appearance to wool.
Classification by pile structure
Looped rugs
• The single-level structure of the rug consists of loops of the same length. The density of the pile allows the use of such products in places with a high operational load.
• A multi-level loop system is formed by connecting loops of different lengths that create a three-dimensional pattern. These rugs have an attractive appearance.
• Skool - multilevel looped coating with trimmed tops.
Cut (shorn) pile
• Short-pile (2-3 mm), medium-pile (3-5 mm) and high-pile rugs (more than 5 mm) are distinguished.
• Valor is a smooth, uniform velvet surface. It is also called a plush cover. It’s easy to take care of the product, but it often leaves traces of furniture.
• Saxony - twisted yarn. The surface is flat but not smooth. It looks very elegant.
• Frize - a long twisted pile. On such a rug, dirt and footprints from walking are invisible.
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