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Ask any real estate agent and they will tell you that the number one challenge they have is in finding new quality clients. Sure, sites like Zillow and other online platforms have made it easier to find new leads, but these may not be as high quality as some would like since most people who are searching online are being bombarded with a lot of information that they don't know how to sift through it and make sense of it all.

I was recently asked by a realtor how I built up my clientele base and brand and I told them that I did so through public speaking. The great thing about speaking in public is that you are usually getting peoples undivided attention. On top of that, the organizer of the event is announcing you as an authority. These two factors make it such a powerful way for building your business. When I am asked to give a keynote speech at events, I always leave with at least five solid new leads and potential clients.

Of course, one of the biggest deterrence to this method is that most people are afraid to do it.

Fear Of Public Speaking

Public speaking, or addressing an audience, is something that tends to unnerve most people and can lead to stress, anxiety and even, a lack of confidence. So many people dread the idea of getting up in front of an audience because they fear being judged or ridiculed that they clammer up and avoid it at all costs.

People may blank out, stammer and get confused and embarrassed when asked to speak in front of a group. If you struggle with this issues, here are some effective strategies and techniques to enable you to overcome this fear with ease.

Enroll in Public Speaking Courses or Trainings

There are quite a few institutes and online courses that offer training in the field of public speaking. Such courses can increase confidence, provide a good platform to test new skills and encourage learning and practice sessions with fellow members.

Feedback, instruction and guidance from mentors will facilitate improvement and reduce stage fright. Enroll in one of them to start learning and using good presentation skills. One great way to get started is by finding a local Toastmaster group in your area. Generally speaking, these are free groups that provide support for its members and can give you an opportunity to practice your speaking skills.

Understand the Power of Positive Thinking

Allowing negative thoughts to creep in before or while making a presentation can be quite self-defeating. Use positive and supportive affirmations to motivate and inspire. Block out negative thought patterns and work on constructive criticism rather than getting depressed about it. Anxiety while speaking in public is a relatively common phobia and therefore, not something to be depressed about.

Think of it as an area of opportunity and work on getting better and not bitter. According to the website Keynote Speaker, one of the most critical factors in delivering a great speech is to truly believe in yourself and your abilities. If you lack confidence or come off negative, the audience will pick up on it and things will not go very well for you on stage.

Use Visualization Techniques

Before an important occasion or presentation, engage in a few visualization exercises. Imagine receiving a round of applause at the end of the speech or being complimented for a presentation delivered, or just being able to talk with confidence. This is also closely related to thinking positively and can reduce shyness and anxiety.

Such exercises will, in other words, help to increase confidence and reduce the phobia of public speaking. Many prominent motivational speakers like Tony Robbins say that they use a technique called "priming" in which they get themselves amped up before they get on stage. This can be a very powerful technique when used correctly.

Prepare and Practice the Speech

One of the most effective strategies to reduce stage fright is to practice and prepare for the presentation really well. Spend enough time going over notes, hold a practice presentation with a group of friends or family members or simply spend time rehearsing in front of a mirror. Work on feedback received.

Grab every opportunity possible to speak and address gatherings. Soon it will become easy to speak without becoming anxious or nervous. Like most skills, public speaking too will improve with time, practice and effort. Don't be overly critical or negative. Recognize that it takes some time to come up the learning curve.

Use these strategies to overcome the phobia of public speaking and become a skilled, confident and impressive speaker.

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