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Is the Landlord or Tenant Responsible for a Blocked or Clogged Drain?

Written by Posted On Friday, 17 January 2020 18:27

Blocked drain is one of the most complicated issue that takes time to get diagnosed. This issue may or may not be widespread but it is better to hire a plumber to get the drains checked properly. However, when it comes to taking the responsibility of a blocked drain, it is difficult to decide whether the landlord or tenant should take care of it. You should analyze different causes, situations, and conditions to hold the right person accountable for it.


  • Common Causes

First of all, you must know the common causes of a blocked drain to be able to deal with it effectively. Mostly hair, solids, fats, sanitary products, wipes, plants, dirt, storm damage, and tree roots damage are considered to be the apparent or hidden reasons for blocked drain. However, you must get the inspection done at once to find the root cause and solve the issue accordingly. It would also help you have an idea that whom you should consider responsible for the repair.


  • Landlord is Responsible If:

There are certain situations and circumstances which make the landlord responsible for a clogged drain. For instance, if the damage is caused by the landlord himself or the blockage is the result of storm damage, tree or plant roots damage, and aging factor, the landlord must move forward to fix it. Even if nobody is at fault and damage is caused by unknown reasons, the landlord must take the responsibility to fix it as a property owner. The rental place must meet the standards of building codes that are meant to provide safety to the health of tenants. The landlord should hire the plumber to get everything checked and fixed beforehand to make the place livable. If the problem reappears after some time because of the poor repair or maintenance, the landlord must make sure that everything is functioning properly.


  • Tenant is Responsible If:

Blocked or clogged drain can also be the result of misuse by the tenant. For instance, the common causes mentioned above include pet or human hair, fats, napkins, and so many similar items that can cause blockage. If the tenant shows negligence, such nasty stuff would go and get stuck in the drain. In that case, the tenant should be held responsible to remove the blockage. It is also suggested to review the written agreement that got signed by both the landlord and tenant. If it clearly states that the tenant is responsible for the repairing of a clogged drain which is caused by him, he must try to fix the issue immediately. However, if the issue is more complicated than it seems, it is suggested to hire a plumber. Some landlords prefer to handle the issue on their own by hiring their professional plumbers. But if they hand over the bills to tenants because the problem is caused by them, their family members, or guests, tenants are then financially responsible for the necessary repairs.

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