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6 Unique Ways to Sell Your Home

Written by Posted On Friday, 17 January 2020 04:17
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Getting your home noticed is a big thing in today’s real estate market. Putting out a few fresh flowers and baking a batch of cookies is not going to do the trick anymore. You will have to think differently and resort to some unusual methods if you want to attract home buyers. Here are a few unique ways to sell your home:

Improve the “Chi” of your home

Many of today’s home sellers have started rearranging the elements of their homes as per Fengshui. Not only will this improve the chi of your home, it will also make your buyers feel absolutely welcome. Consult a Fengshui expert or go through some tips on the internet to find out what you need to do.

Throw an open house party

Holding an open house is a must if you want to sell your home; but if you want to get better offers from more buyers, you should be ready to go one step ahead and throw an open house party. Cater food and add in some wine. Put up some live music and host a few contests with some prizes. Go for a fancy shindig. You can even wear one of those cosplay costumes to set the mood for the party.

Offer financing options to serious buyers

Not all people who show interest in buying your home might qualify for a standard mortgage. So, as a seller, it becomes your responsibility to offer them a helping hand by giving certain financing options. If you can’t offer financing by yourself, you can introduce a lease-to-own deal or agree to pay up for the closing costs.

Go extravagant on extras

Gone are those days when a big-screen TV was a good enough incentive to get your home sold. You need to do a lot more than that today. Think of a free car, a vacation, a home upgrade, a furniture stipend or even a year’s mortgage to lure those home buyers. It might be a little above your budget; but if it can help you get a good offer on your home, you still stand to gain a lot.

Use technology to support your selling process

Not many home-sellers prefer to sell their homes through real estate agents these days. The alternative is to use the internet. For instance, you can auction your home on eBay or use or to swap your property. Take some great pictures of your home, put up some videos, or offer a virtual tour of your home to the prospective buyers.

Send out a customized message on radio

So, you have placed an ad in the newspaper and put up the “For Sale” sign in your yard. Now how about using a talking house radio transmitter?  Talk about the features of your home and record it into a customized message. Potential home buyers can be made to hear this message if they can tune into the radio station while driving by your home.

Giving your potential buyers a chance to spend a night at your home can be a great way to sell your home. They get a complete experience of living in your home and won’t hesitate while signing on the dotted line.

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