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Essential Tips For Creating The Perfect Bathroom For Your Home Before Selling

Written by Posted On Friday, 24 January 2020 05:00

Bathroom remodeling can make or break the deal when it comes to selling your home. In a general sense, the amount of time and money invested depends upon what needs to be done. If there are obvious repairs to do, don’t wait until the potential buyers point them out. Do your own inspection of the bathroom area before seeking out an expert to get a better idea of what needs to be done. Usually, your first impression speaks volumes. Functionality is most important, but many buyers will look for awe-inspiring aspects of design and higher-end name brand fixtures.

1. Do a Self Inspection

By having a general sense of what needs to be done, you will be more prepared for any professional remodeling quote. You might just be inspired and motivated enough to DIY. In any case, renovations will not always provide any return on investment. However, bathroom renovations have been shown to help houses sell faster. Most potential buyers are simply not interested in doing their own renovations. Move-in quality amenities offer a fresh slate for buyers to add a decorative touch later. 

The overall property value may improve by 2% to 3%, so knowing what to look for is important. If you see signs of mold, look for potential issues like leaky fixtures or cracks and holes that cause water to collect and settle. Ensure that walls and flooring are in good condition. Anywhere that dampness may occur should be evaluated for wear and tear. That means that faucets may need to be replaced, or in the worst-case scenario, the entire bathroom area will need to be renovated. Look for the most necessary changes to be made before considering issues of style and modernization.

2. Make a General Budget

The time frame and the cost of materials will be the biggest factors in terms of renovating your bathroom. If you plan to hire a professional, there will be fluctuating fees depending upon factors such as level of expertise and demand. If you are taking a DIY approach, you may need to allocate extra time for repairs and this may keep you from selling your house faster in the long run. Either way, a budget needs to be in place so that you are able to pay for sufficient materials, accommodate time for the work, and allocate enough money for unforeseen expenses. 

A good rule of thumb for the bathroom remodeling budget is to consider levels of quality for amenities and design. A mid-range bathroom remodeling should cost around $19,000, whereas a relatively luxurious renovation will put you out over $60,000. The quality of materials is a very personal choice factor. The more money you spend, the less money you are likely to recover. If you decide that luxury is important, it will likely impress some or all potential buyers. On the other hand, luxury is not what most buyers are in the market to find. Basic updates such as re-caulking the bathtub or sink, adding modernized fixtures or putting in a new toilet offer larger and more practical appeal.

3. Notice Design Flaws

Updates and repairs need to capture what you think buyers want to see. If there are structural issues, such as a window that does not open properly, you may have room for creativity when replacing it. Perhaps a different window style will change up the entire room. Simple factors such as window frame design and handle structure can add a different feel to the area. The same goes for bathroom doors. Consider issues such as not having enough space under the door for a rug near the sink. Resizing the door may be more time-intensive than simply replacing it. A shower can be renovated in the same way. Modern frameless shower doors cost less than you think.

Mind the details. Focus on the vanity area, tub or shower, and flooring. Cabinet knobs may look unappealing, even though cabinets are fine. Any new hardware also makes the room a lot more stylish. Think of how hardware coordinates with fixtures. Changing out fixtures is another easy option in terms of renovation. Hardware and fixtures should have coordinating textures, styles, and finishes. For example, brushed and linear copper hardware components are a major improvement compared to mismatched steel ones. It is even better if the fixtures match. 


Now that you have an idea of what needs to be done, or at least think you know, call a professional to see how much you can expect to pay for their services. There are often professional remodeling services that provide free estimates, so go ahead and compare a few options if time permits. Professional remodeling companies may find deeper issues and surprise you. You still don’t need to give up on DIY just yet even if more repairs need to be done than expected. Be prepared for changes and remain flexible whenever possible. Realtors may also have resources to investigate.

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