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Written by Posted On Sunday, 26 January 2020 11:25
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 According to the US Energy information administration, 48% of a home’s energy consumption is from heating and cooling, mostly via home Air Conditioning. One of the vital components of an Air conditioning unit is the Air Conditioning filters. These are used to cleanse the air pumped into your home preventing solid pollutants like dust and pollen to enter your household atmosphere. 

Air Conditioning filters : 

 Every now and then Air Conditioning filters need to be replaced to maintain the quality of air and to keep the appliance efficiently functional. Depending on several factors including the type of Air Conditioning filter you're using, the type of air around, number of residents, the residential location and allergies the filters should be changed every 30-60 days. Changing air conditioning filters is necessary for keeping your home free of contaminants will most likely aggregate allergies and worsen asthmatic conditions. Unfortunately, although there is a reasonable number of consumers statics have shown that very few of them regularly change their Filters and most of them do not bother with maintenance until the appliance effectively stops working. To keep HVAC appliances functional and reduce energy consumption filters should be changed on a regular basis depending on the following factors

Type of filters :

When shopping for an Air Conditioning filter it is probably wise to thoroughly read the packaging material. You will most likely find a MERV number. This number identifies the effective durability of the Filters i.e. it tells you how much dust and pollutants it can hold for proper performance. The Minimum Efficiency Review Value indirectly affects Airflow so the wiser option would be to find a balance value to maintain minimum contamination with substantial Airflow. 

Time intervals: 

If you live up in a suburban residential district your likely to have fewer contaminants in the air and thus cleaner filters for longer periods. A city household Air Conditioning unit requires more frequent changing of filters. If you have fewer residents in your household you will probably need to change the filters less frequently. Allergies among household residents will also speedup the filter replacement process. In addition, the size of your household may also determine the condition of your HVAC filters as smaller spaces require less Air to be pumped at the same temperature. 


Usage : 

Your usage depends on the climate and weather conditions. Air Conditioning units are used for longer periods in hot climates and thus require frequent filter replacements. If used a few hours a day your filters might last the entire summers but if you use It for constant periods of time then you might need filter replacement every few weeks.

Air conditioning repair in las Vegas : 

The subtropical desert climate of Las Vegas owes to its location in the Mojave desert and calls for scorching hot summers that generally last longer. This makes Our reliability on indoor Air conditioning units vital to our comfortable living conditions.

 The constant usage of HVAC to combat desert climate means frequent filter replacement to maintain utility bills at a minimum and sustain the efficiency of the HVAC appliance. Fortunately, Air conditioning repair in las Vegas  make it an easy, efficient and affordable task to replace your Air Conditioning filters. These programs also offer their services for Air Conditioning installations and Maintenance programs,  furnace installation and replacement, etc. Which makes summers a little more bearable for you

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