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How A New Garage Door Can Increase Your Home's Value

Posted On Thursday, 13 February 2020 22:06

Homes are a primary necessity of life, but they also have an added advantage to them because they are a safe means of investment that can yield substantial profit returns if you know what you are doing. 

The beauty and value of a home begins right from the entrance. From the trimmed front porch to the clean and beautiful walkway to the garage door--everything counts, most especially if the plan is to increase the value of your home when selling.

Furthermore, it is now common for owners to include special, innovative, and high-tech features and accessories in their contemporary homes. For an old home, you may need to renovate the house if you want to add modern features and accessories.

There are different reasons a house owner may want to include innovative fixtures in their property. Though, most times, it is usually to make the house more functional and habitable for their family. Nonetheless, these features can increase the home's value when put up for eventual sale. 

There are different types of innovations that you can include in your home, including kitchen upgrades, inner room expansions, full house redecoration, etc. These home improvement projects may look expensive at first glance, but, at the end of the day, these are an effective means of adding more value to the home not just in terms of appearance, but also in terms of financial sustenance.

All forms of home innovations are great, but a particular one that is the focus of this article is your garage door. A garage door is simple, practical, and highly useful for vehicle safety. Although it may be a bit expensive, it is also worth every money spent and can increase the value of your property. 

 Ways A New Garage Can Increase The Value Of Your Home

If you are planning renovations in your home and you are wondering which areas need a new touch and look, consider taking your garage to the next level by investing in a new garage door. 

In the real sense of it, the garage door is one of the first points of access to a home, aside from the main entrance door itself. A good-looking, well-accessorized door would make a great first impression for anyone who comes to your house, either as a guest or as a prospective buyer. 

There are different reasons why a new garage door can increase the value of your home, some of which are the following:

1. Better Aesthetics  

It is remarkable how something as simple as a garage door can do so much damage or add so much value to your home. As one of the first points of entry into a home, it is most definitely one of the first things anyone coming into your home or merely passing by would see. 

The appearance of a home is crucial to increasing its curb appeal to people, most notably to buyers, aside from its functionality. In that case, choosing an appealing garage door can boost the architectural aesthetics of the house. It also is an excellent way of drawing the attention of your buyer. 

If you can install the best-suited garage door for your kind of home, it can be a bonus to your home value. A new garage door, especially an automated one, can make things better, not only for you but also for your future buyer.  

Furthermore, a new garage door can give your home an instant facelift, no matter the type or style of the house, whether it is a Victorian or Colonial home, or a contemporary or a craftsman home.

There are different types of garage doors, and these usually vary in terms of materials used, which could be any of the following:

• Steel
• Wood
• Coated Glass
• Aluminum
• Glass
• Fiberglass

The beauty of the material used in making your garage door can further add value to the overall home appearance. Luckily, there is an unending variety of materials that you can choose from with manufacturers, such as Portes De Garage MB, which specializes in the installation and repair of garage doors. 

Moreover, it is important to note that a garage door, most times, takes up a large portion of the frontal part of the home. Hence, if it is appealing to look at, it is sure to add more value to the overall cost of your property.

2. Improved Safety And Security

In this age where crime rates are constantly on the rise, a secured home is a blessing to all its occupants as well as its prospective buyers, and getting a new garage door for your home can definitely and effortlessly raise the level of safety and security of your property.

As technological advancements continue to take primacy over everything that involves human life, garage doors are not left out of the picture. Features of a secured garage door may start from the indestructible material used in making the door to its fail-safe security features, such as an alarm system. All of which can contribute to the increasing value of the house.

For instance, a garage door made from strong and durable materials is a great way to start. This is because garage doors are always exposed to many environmental conditions due to their location. They are also prone to wear  and tear, thus they may weaken over a long period. Buying a sturdy and durable garage door proves to be a better investment as it reduces the acceleration of the process of weakening

However, it would also help if you consider getting a technologically advanced garage door as an investment. A high-tech garage door, apart from the fact that it is automated, also comes with added security features, which means extra safety and security for your home. On the one hand, sensory motion features could help avoid accidents, such as the garage door closing suddenly while parking the vehicle.

Other features of modern, high-tech garage doors also include in-built cameras that relay feeds directly to your phone, facial recognition, keypad locks, eye scanners, automatic door openers, etc. These innovative features can all increase the value of your home.

3. Energy Saving And Energy Efficient

Unlike some other parts of your home that you are investing in, getting an insulated garage door will definitely increase your home's value by at least a good 4%. Aside from being a great asset to your property, it's also an excellent way of saving energy. 

If you are getting an insulated garage door for your home, it is preferable to get a high R-value or something with a minimum R-value of 11, 14, or 16, depending on the level of coldness in your region. 

Insulated garage doors, which resemble safes, are bulletproof. They keep and maintain the internal temperature of the garage by keeping the heat out during the hot seasons as well as keeping the cold out during freezing weather. This goes a long way in reducing the energy consumption cost in your home. 

An insulated garage door is also soundproof. It reduces the amount of noise penetrating your home, giving you a calm and serene home environment, which is definitely another way of increasing your home’s value. 

4. Increases Curb Appeal

Just as the material used in making a garage door is highly important, so is its visual appeal. Keeping in mind that your garage door takes up a big part of your entrance and is the first point of contact, it should receive all the curb appeal possible. 

A garage door painted and decorated in a way that complements and highlights the architectural style of the house results in a higher level of curb appeal than a garage door that’s not given much thought as far as its aesthetics is concerned. Therefore, getting a garage door that perfectly matches the design and vibe of your property can definitely add value to your home.  In addition to that, an attractive garage door could make your home easily stand out from its competition.

5. Reduces Maintenance Cost 

When purchasing a house, nothing spooks a buyer more than having an enormous maintenance cost ahead of them. A house that requires countless repairs and renovation projects can drastically reduce its value. This is because the cost of renovating the house will be subtracted from the purchasing cost.

Buying a new garage door can reduce significant repairs that need to be done in the house. It can also reduce security costs by a high chance as it is a main gateway to the house. If your garage is intact, durable, and secure, then you can rest on knowing that your possessions in the garage and the house, in general, are a hundred percent safe from thieves and intruders.

 6. High Investment Returns

It is common knowledge that an investment could lead to profit in the future. When it comes to homes, investments come in different forms, but most notably through renovations. 

Investing in a new garage door at the initial stage is a big bonus for the homeowner as they get to enjoy all the benefits of having an innovative and fully functioning garage door. Later on, when the house is put up for sale, the garage door becomes a part of the most valuable assets of the whole property 

Aside from the fact that insulated garage doors add up to 4% to the value of a home, the entire garage door itself also serves as a good investment for both the original homeowner and the potential buyer. 

Types Of Garage Doors

Knowing how instrumental a garage door is to the value of your home, getting the right type of garage door would do you a lot of good. The best way to know the kind of garage door to buy and how to get the installation right is by getting a professional to help you out. 

Garage doors come in different sizes and shapes, and are made from varying materials. Also, they open in various ways. Below is a little information on the types of garage doors.

Based on how they open:

• Sectional Garage Door: It is the most common type of garage door. It got its name from the fact that the door is broken into sections and held together by hinges.

• Slide To The Side Garage Door: Unlike the sectional ones, the slide to the side garage doors are rare, and they bend to the side. 

• Roll-up Garage Door: More popular with commercial enterprises, this type of garage door is called this way because of how it functions--it just rolls up. 

• Tilt-up Garage Door: It has two different types, the tilt-up canopy garage door and the tilt-up retractable garage door. This type of garage door tilts up into the garage when being opened.

Based on style:

• Carriage Garage Door: It comes in two types, the single-bay carriage style and the double-bay carriage style. 

Classic Garage Door: This type of garage door is space-saving and is considered safer than the carriage garage door.

Based on appearance:

Contemporary Garage Door: This one’s a perfect choice if you are looking for an added curb appeal to your house.
Craftsman Garage Door: This type is perfect for bungalows as it adds a good air of visual beauty to the home.
Traditional Garage Door: If you love it old school and want to keep things classic, then a traditional garage door is the best choice for you.

 Additional Tips On How To Increase Your Home’ Value

Aside from getting a new garage door, there are other things you could invest in to increase your home's value. These include the following:

• Getting your house paint retouched
• Maintaining the lawn and porch to increase curb appeal
• Renovating your kitchen space and bathroom
• Repainting the house

Depending on what your home needs, making some of these renovations can significantly improve the value of your property.


When considering a home innovation project to increase your home’s value, you should look into renovating your old garage door or, better yet,  getting a completely new, more advanced one. Buying a new garage door has several advantages over repairing an old one. Apart from giving you a good sense of security, it also minimizes energy consumption, improves the look of your home, and also serves as a great form of investment that will help you when selling your house in the future.

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