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The Benefits of Dangerous Tree Removal as A Property Owner

Posted On Monday, 17 February 2020 21:24

There are many benefits that trees offer to the environment and to ourselves. For one, they offer shade, helping filter UV rays that can be harmful to our health. They also produce oxygen, which helps filter airborne particles and helps reduce smog. A tree is also considered as a natural air conditioner. The cooling effects of a tree are equivalent to ten room-size air conditioners. 

Trees also have physical benefits and effects on humans. Studies show that the presence of trees slows heartbeats, relaxes brainwave patterns, and lowers blood pressure overall.

That being said, trees have many benefits when it comes to reducing energy costs and helping keep a healthy environment. 

However, trees should also be properly maintained. Otherwise, they become a hazard. Ill-maintained trees will have old and falling branches that can be harmful to passerby. As a property owner, you should maintain trees and remove or trim trees that are turning into a hazard.

The following are some of the benefits of dangerous tree removal:

1. Prevents Accidents and Injury

When a tree is old, its branches become withered and dry. There’s a risk that these branches will fall off and land on parked cars and some passerby. They can also land on roofs, which can cause tremendous damage to the structure of a house. It can also land on power lines, which may cause power outages or electric shock. 

Thus, falling branches can be a hassle and are a real hazard. To prevent this from happening, you should hire a tree expert, like Tree Service North Bay, to assess the trees in your property. They’ll be able to tell you if a tree needs pruning, bracing, or if it needs to be removed from your property.

2. Prevention From Tree Roots

Old trees have very large roots. These roots are extensive and can run several meters underground. If it’s not properly maintained, these roots can lift heavy concrete and impair the foundation of a structure. 

If it harms the foundation of your house, the damage can be considerable. You have to replace the concrete that has been cracked due to the impact of a tree's powerful roots.

3. Provides A Better View

If you have a lot of trees in your property, some of the trees may be blocking the natural view. Branches that are overgrown or trees that are growing closely together can impede your view. Trim these trees and make sure that you’re getting a fresh view with enough sunlight. 

Get an old tree and overgrown branches out of the way so you can have a relaxing and nice view of your environment.

4. Improves Curb Appeal

If you have well-maintained trees, it’ll likely contribute to a good view of your house. Trees that have been pruned and have well-maintained branches flourish well and are better to look at.  Trees that have been evenly spaced and planted with a pleasing design in mind increases the curb appeal of your house, too.

Trees should be a good design element in your landscaping in order to be pleasing to the eye.  Rotting trees and dead trees should be removed since these are only eyesores that block a good view.

5. Better Market value

Your property will get better market value with the presence of trees that are well maintained. 

However, the presence of too many trees that are placed without a design purpose in mind can be detrimental to the market value of your property. Old trees and rotting trees can also cause a dip in the market value of your house. These kinds of trees are unattractive and don’t provide a positive ambiance.

Too many trees can also cause a lot of waste from leaves and falling branches, and the upkeep may be expensive. Trees should be planted at a certain distance from each other to have a good landscaping design and also to have a good view of the house; trees should not cover a house. Instead, it should complement it as a landscaping design element.

6. Saves You Money In The Long-term

If you have dead or rotting trees in your property, it’ll likely be a hazard. If a dead branch falls on someone's property and causes injury, you’ll likely have to pay for insurance to cover the damages. 

Having foresight, trim or remove dangerous trees altogether so you can save from the hassles and inconvenience of litigations arising from ill-maintained trees.

Final Thoughts

Trees have a lot of benefits, and there have been many campaigns to plant more trees. 

However, trees in residential areas and urban spaces can be dangerous if not maintained properly. Trees have huge and heavy branches that can be a hazard if they suddenly fall off. 

Trimming trees and making sure that they’re healthy is a good way of making sure that trees are more of a benefit than a hazard.

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