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What To Know When Building Your New Home In Charlotte, NC

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 18 February 2020 02:37

Did you know that the hottest real estate market at the moment is the Charlotte area? The area is so popular that the number of buyers exceeds the supply of existing homes available for sale. 

Since Charlotte's housing market is so competitive, it means that there aren't many options for buying a perfect home. Therefore, people instead choose to build their dream house in this area. 

So, if you are one of the rare ones and lucky enough to build your home in Charlotte, NC, there are some things that you should know. 

Know Your Numbers


Before you start searching for the perfect lot, know your finances. Make sure that you know where you stand financially. 

You may think that your numbers are O.K., and then you just might realize that you are missing one zero to get that dream house. So, do your math. 

Calculate how much do you need for a lot, how much for construction, how much you should have on the side for unexpected expenses, and how much do you need to live in the meantime. 

Once you do that, you can start scanning the area and searching for the right builder. 

Find The Perfect Lot


Once you know your finances, you can start searching for that perfect location to build your home. 

You can't start building your house without having a good lot. Furthermore, you will need a perfect lot. After all, the lot's condition can affect the size of your home. If the land is bad, you might need to build a smaller and more secure home. 

If the lot is perfect in terms of quality - the sky is the limit. 

Here are some quick and practical steps that you can use to find the ideal lot:

  • Show interest in non-wanted lots. Always see the undesirable lots; they could save you the money.
  • Think about water damage. If you opt for the water-side lot, double-check how significant the risk from water damage might be. 
  • Search for common challenges. Scan the lot for natural obstacles and possible construction challenges, such as underground water, deep-root trees, stone area, and so on. 
  • Scan the neighborhood. Check the houses around the possible lot. Always ask about income levels, local schools, public transportation, and safety. 

Pro tip: Organize your priorities. Every lot comes with pros and cons, so having a checklist can be helpful. After all, if you don't want a house next to the beach, there is no need to check those lots, right? Apply that method.

Find A Good Builder


There are many builders out there, but you need only the best one. So, make sure that you do a little research and find the builder with the best reputation. This usually means that the builder is reliable, experienced, and recognized for high-quality work. 

If you are aiming for a small-town destination, then it could be handy to hire a builder that can deliver high-quality work in a short period, such as New Home Builder in Charlotte NC. Don't forget that your builder is like your best friend when it comes to building a dream home. 

So, set expectations, milestones, and share a vision for a mutual goal. 

Also, don't forget to enjoy the process. After all, you are building your dream home. That doesn't come along every day. So, build now while thinking about the future. 

Make sure that your home is energy-efficient. Further, minimize heat cost, and build with resale in mind. You may want to build another dream house in the future, so selling this one should always be an option for you. 

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