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Saving for Your Dream Home? Modern Tips that Work

Posted On Friday, 27 March 2020 12:59

While debt and financial pressure are common themes in many households, the reality is that it doesn’t have to be that way. The modern attractions such as online shopping, instant gratification through fast food and information on demand have caused many consumers to struggle in managing finances. These could be THE habits that keep you from having the cash to purchase the home you dream of in 2020

The truth is this: the tech industry that has made some of us a bit lazy, can also be the key to saving up faster

Read on to find out how.  

1. Changing Your Shopping Habits

We know you love getting that new item from Amazon INSTANTLY, but do you really need it that urgently? Overnight deliveries from various vendors often cost you more than simply waiting a few days for the package to arrive. 

If you purchase many home items and even groceries online, opting for normal delivery schedules can save you a substantial amount this month. Imagine how much you can save in the next year. 

2. Picking the Right Energy Provider

Another unfortunate habit that home owners tend to have is to stick to the status quo in terms of service providers, even if there are MUCH better options. 

Thanks to deregulation, about 30 US states now offer consumers multiple choices when it comes to picking an energy service provider. Many vendors use technology to provide cheaper, more environmentally friendly options. Some consumers now pay less, either through lower general rates, special packages offered by vendors, or negotiating with their current service provider for more reasonable rates. 

There is especially good news for affordable electricity rates in Texas, but New York, Massachusetts, Ohio and many others also have good options. You simply have to figure out if your state is deregulated and then look at your options.

Of course, there has to be enough competition from enough energy companies in the state to affect prices. So keep checking your area, because it’s bound to change in your favor sooner or later.

3. Changing How You Entertain

Here we’ll discuss more habits that tend to eat up a lot of your hard earned money without you giving it a second thought: travel and TV.

Chances are that you’re watching more streamed television programs than really using your cable services. Am I right? Over time, cancelling your cable will give you a substantial amount to put toward your homebuyer fund. And remember not to activate it once you’re in your new house. 

Travel may be another form of entertainment you spend unnecessary money on. Instead of paying a travel agent this year, why not see how much you can save by doing the arrangements yourself, online? 

You may even pay substantially less when websites recognize you as a first time visitor. 

Final Thoughts

So many consumers dream of having their own homes, without realizing that they’re their own worst enemies. Breaking a few bad habits this year could give you the means to put together a deposit and start house hunting. 

Thousands of people are doing it every day. What’s keeping you from owning your dream home

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