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Written by Vladimir Senin Posted On Saturday, 30 May 2020 06:49

Modern online retail is an incredibly developed and large industry, with projected revenues reaching 4 trillion dollars in 2020. Twenty-five percent of Americans make online purchases every month, while 69% of the population has bought something on the Internet at least once in their lifetime. Average shopper from the US generates $1,804 of revenue for online stores. Around 2 billion people worldwide have engaged in online shopping in 2019, making e-commerce account for 14.1% of all retail sales. So, what motivates people to buy things from online stores rather than their physical counterparts? Let’s find out!

Why Choose Online Shopping?

Compared to physical stores, online retailers offer several significant benefits to their customers. Evidently, Internet stores do not require you to physically attend the location to make purchases, which saves time and money for both buyers and store owners. Transportation expenses can be cut through shopping online as you don’t need to spend funds on either public transport or fuel for a private car. It is also beneficial to the environment since fewer automobiles on the roads presuppose less damage to the atmosphere.

Businesses enjoy several benefits from selling their goods online as well. First and foremost, developing a website and maintaining its proper functioning requires less investment of finance and time than running a physical store. Internet sellers don’t need to pay rental fees or electricity bills, don’t have to invest in repairing and redesigning their stores, and don’t need to worry about having their shop burglarized. Advantages of e-commerce can be summarized into the following list:

  • It cuts expenses for both buyers and businesses;
  • It allows sellers to extend their customer base;
  • It saves time and efforts spent on shopping;
  • It helps generate more profits by boosting sales and cutting expenses.

Having more spare funds allows stores to lower their prices and provide customers with a positive buying experience by offering various promotions. 

Discounts and Coupons. What Are They and How to Find One?

Discounts are frequently used by companies to gain new audiences and keep the interest of old ones. Various coupons and discounts can be found online, both on the retailers’ sites and on special aggregators. One of the latter is Seven.Deals, where you can find both new hot deals and well-known offers from famous companies. The site carefully gathers and organizes all coupons by categories; so, you shouldn’t face any difficulties searching for a discount you need.

A discount voucher, or coupon, is commonly represented by a dedicated link on a website, clicking on which provides the user with a lower price for a chosen commodity. Promo codes, however, are slightly different from coupons. A promo code refers to a sequence of symbols (commonly numbers and letters) that one should enter into a dedicated field on the website to claim a bonus. Promo codes are utilized by almost all retailers nowadays, from healthcare products sellers to car dealerships.

Why Use Promo Codes while Buying Online?

Spending little time to search for a promo code allows you to allocate your funds much more efficiently. In addition, aggregators like Seven.Deals frequently gather multiple discounts, coupons, and promo codes in one place; so, you don’t even need to leave the site to find the deal you need. Seven.Deals partners with a wide array of brands, thereby allowing you to save funds on a regular basis.

Promo codes have unlimited potential as they cover almost any type of goods you might purchase online. Besides, online retailers, unlike their physical counterparts, offer coupons and discounts all year round, without attaching their offers to any specific dates or holidays. Undoubtedly, you can find special Christmas or Halloween deals in online stores, but, most frequently, their promo codes are issued on a daily basis.

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