Tips For Packing and Loading a Moving Truck

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How to Pack and Load a Moving Truck How to Pack and Load a Moving Truck

Are you going to be getting your own moving truck and doing all of the loading yourself? If you are new to loading a moving truck, there are many things you could get wrong that will lead to damage to your possessions. Without the help of one of the best professional movers, the chances of breaking some of your possessions increase.

Let's look at what you can do when packing a moving truck to avoid problems.

Deciding on the Size of Truck

Before you can begin packing a moving truck, you have to decide which size to rent. Most of the top truck rental companies will have at least a few different sizes to choose from. The highly regarded moving companies will offer you trucks up to 26 ft, with many different shapes to pick from.

You need to get a truck which is large enough to fit all of your things, so that you don't have to make unnecessary journeys, but not too large that you are wasting money. The rental company should have some guidelines to help you select the right size, and you can also ask for assistance from their employees.

Lots of people end up renting a truck from U-Haul because they are one of the most reputable brands and have tons of locations to choose from nationwide. Make sure you ask lots of questions and do your homework before deciding on a company to use.

Packing Supplies

You have to make sure you acquire enough packing materials before you begin. You will need lots of strong cardboard moving boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and other protection for your items. Have enough materials to make sure everything is secure so that it doesn't move around in the back of the truck. You can use blankets and other types of packing to make it unlikely that boxes and furniture shift in the truck.

Help from Your Friends

A DIY move is a lot to take on by yourself. If you can recruit some willing friends to help you out, you will have an easier time. This is particularly important if you have large items of furniture to move, which could be difficult to move and maneuver through doorways.

The move will progress faster with more help, and you could avoid causing yourself injuries at the same time. Lifting heavy boxes or furniture by yourself could lead to injuries, having friends to help reduces the chances of this happening.

Disassembling Your Things

Before you move your things onto the truck, you need to disassemble items of furniture so that they take up less room. Some furniture will need parts removed to make it easier to get them through stairwells and doorways. This may require a few tools and could take longer than you might imagine. For these reasons, and to ensure you have less to worry about on moving day, you should do this in advance.

Loading a Moving Truck

When you are ready to begin packing and loading a moving truck, it is best to start with the heaviest items. This is important so that you don't damage more fragile items. You also need to put the larger items in first for the same reasons, and so that you make sure you have enough room on the truck for the most awkward things.

Larger pieces of furniture, like couches and tables, should be loaded in the upright position. If they are packed into the truck vertically, rather than horizontally, you will save a lot of space. You will have to make sure they are well secured so that they don't move, damaging other items.

If you have rugs, roll them up with the top on the outside, and place them in a plastic bag or wrap. Load them upright in the truck to save space.

How to Pack Lighter Items

When you have loaded all of the heavier items and furniture, the lighter stuff can be fitted in around them. Particularly delicate items require extra protection when you pack them and when loading them around heavier items. You have to ensure that heavier items can't fall on them when you load the truck.

Items like TVs or mirrors may need special boxes to make sure they don't get damaged during the move. Believe it or not, there are tons of options when it comes to moving boxes that you've probably never even realized existed.

Understand Weight Distribution

You need to try to make sure the weight in the back of the truck is as evenly distributed as you can. It will make the truck easier to drive when on the road and should avoid boxes falling out when you unload.

Strapping Things Down

Use moving straps to avoid heavier items from moving around. Strap down the heavier items once loaded, then the lighter items on top. Use as much strapping as you can to avoid damage to your possessions. When it comes to strapping down your heavy possessions, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Getting Rid of Moving Boxes and Packing Materials

Once you have unloaded everything off the truck and into the home, you'll eventually start unpacking all your stuff. Once that's done you'll notice you have a ton of empty boxes hanging around. You are probably going to be wondering what you will do with all of them. We've got you covered as these are your options for getting rid of your excess moving boxes.

Final Thoughts on Packing and Loading a Truck

Moving is hard enough is at is without making mistakes. Loading your move truck wrong could make your life miserable. You will be screaming at yourself and the truck if you make packing mistakes. Hopefully, you have enjoyed these tips for packing and loading your moving truck and don't make any of the common mistakes.

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