Creating a good life during COVID-19 - Adam Veron on complete wellness during a pandemic

Written by Adam Vernon Posted On Wednesday, 15 July 2020 15:06

COVID-19 has made life and living challenging. Most people are gradually settling with the unlock phase by attending office and carrying out their daily chores. However, uncertainty looms ominously, which manifests itself in the form of anxiety and panic attacks in some individuals. Due to the fact that no one is certain as to how long the negative affects of the novel Coronavirus will last, it's essential to find ways to stay physically and mentally well. Maintaining physical and mental health is the only way to survive through this challenging time with strength and hope.

Essential guidelines by Adam Veron

The stay-at-home orders make people contemplate consulting a therapist to regain their inner calm. Since, stepping outside is not as easy as it used to be, following useful guidelines to create a good life can help. Do you want to walk that path? If yes, you can count on what Adam Veron, a wellness enthusiast has to say.

1. Eat well

It's a basic rule that applies regardless of any situation we are in! Since we are what we eat, it's essential to ensure that you feed yourself with the best nutrients and food supplements on a daily basis. Staying nourished and healthy is necessary to survive a testing phase.

2. Communicate with compassion

Everyone is undergoing a challenge. Uncertainty and fear are two severe challenges for people now. Therefore, whether it's the grocery store assistant or a family member, it's better to speak to everyone interact with and those you know with compassion and care. That will generate positive energy, which will encourage inner joy and strength.

3. Positive talk

Take it upon yourself to rule away negative self-talk or fearful assumptions at this moment. If you think that the news updates and online conversations are fueling negativity, try and stay away from those sources. Practice definitive, positive statements as affirmations and think about positive outcomes. 

4. Try and stay engaged in activities you like

Do you have a love for beautiful décor? Or do you love to paint and bake? Take time to discover the activities that you both thoroughly enjoy and the activities that energizes you from within. Make it a point to follow the same as that will help you remain peaceful and happy.

5. Exercise or dance

Physical exercise boosts immunity. Take time to carry on with your exercise regime or simply dance to any music you enjoy for 15 minutes a day. Partaking in either of these activities will help you to stay fit. Add more variations to your physical activity chart in order to achieve the best results.

6. Foster strong connections

It is the time to foster healthy family connections and begin active dialogues with the people you love. Doing so can harness positivity and love, which will help you live better.

7. Get creative

Creative living is the secret to a happy life! Find out how you want to add creativity to your daily life and follow those practices. It could be anything from cooking yourself healthy breakfasts to making sketches to jogging a couple of miles a day.

Most importantly, carry on with your life! Expecting that things will get better tomorrow or a month later and holding on to feeling good, won't help. Attempt to feel better now and harness good ideas and thoughts to navigate through life.

adam.jpgAdam Veron is Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the investment management industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Budgeting, Business Planning, Operations Management, and Sales. Strong business development professional with over 20 years of Marketing and Networking experience.

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