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How To Prep A Home For Sale In Boise, ID

Posted On Thursday, 16 July 2020 21:12

Selling a home is one creative way of making money or even a fortune. Investors buy houses, make a few renovations or improvements, and sell it after a few years. Homes in Boise, ID that are close to employers and other industries offer a real money-making opportunity.

On the other hand, the property market sometimes does not move with the expected speed. This, therefore, calls for good and thorough preparation of the house. This can help close any low-hanging sales and leads that come your way.

Below are some top tips to get your house ready in Boise, ID:

1. Get Your Outdoors Ready

The exterior of your house comprises many aspects including the front yard, backyard, garden, lawn, and house exteriors. All these need to look the part to avoid bad deals or failing to impress your buyers.

Below is a further break down how to do it:

• Prepare The Garden - Making the garden ready by weeding, soil leveling, and replacing old plants helps improve the house’s image required for marketing. These are particularly required to be picturesque for a good visual impression.
• Maintain Your Lawn - If you have not maintained your grass in the recent past, this is the best time to do it. Buyers who have a lot of options to consider will be attracted by a well-kept lawn. It will also imply they will have little investment to make in putting the lawn back in shape.
• Fix The Front - This is a very crucial part of the house that includes the door, any front extension, and welcome notes. Ensure the door has some fresh paint, the pillars look great, and that the whole area is free of clutter.
• Add Flowers And Plants - Add some flowers in areas that look bare. You can also plant some shrubs to complement the lawn along the perimeter of the house. Weeding and watering should also be done to give the plants a fresh breath of life. 

Preparing the exterior of your house equates to having your sales funnel ready. This will be the ultimate lead magnet. However, if you can’t make repairs to your house but would still want to sell it fast, you can work with companies like Gem State Cash Offer, which will buy your house in any condition it’s in. 

2. Clean And Remove Clutter From The House

While this seems obvious, buyers cannot focus on the value and potential of the property if the house is unkempt. This includes cleaning walls, floors, sinks, and any other dirty surfaces.

This is the time to ensure that the bathroom, laundry room, and the toilet are not stained or dirty. Dirty toilets and bathrooms are deal breakers for most home buyers. If they are not maintained well, they could point to a possibility of being replaced, which the buyer might not be willing to spend for.

Clutter, on the other hand, is a distraction if left around when you’re expecting potential buyers. Clutter in shelves, bedrooms, and children's rooms should be removed to help highlight the best aspects of a room.

3. De-Customize The House

Customizations offer a personal and unique feel to your home. However, this does not mean it will be appreciated by your buyer. It could be a point of discussion during a negotiation, which can be counterproductive to you.

Below are ways to depersonalize your house:

• Remove Wall Hangings - Remove wall hanging and paintings, as they may be against the beliefs of some people and could derail the negotiation process.
• Make Customized Rooms Neutral - Some rooms, for instance kids’ rooms, have customized paint jobs done. The next buyer may have young adults and this will not work out for them. Use neutral colors as buyers will be more than happy with this.

If there are special engravings on walls, kids' clothing inside closets, or wallpapers, it's time to do away with them. Help the buyer envision themselves in the new house.

4. Conduct Some Minor Repairs

Homes undergo wear and tear for different reasons. The home could have damaged tiles, broken paving slabs, and other areas.

The cost of repairing damaged tiles or ceilings could take up a few hundred dollars, which is better compared to a bad bargain or losing a sale.

5. Add Some Fresh Paint

For a good visual appeal, painting can do wonders. This can help improve the brightness of rooms and help in removing flaked old paint.

This can also be complemented by outdoor paint on pillars, hardware such as mailbox, windows frames, and the perimeter fence.

This is one good way of attracting genuine buyers.


For your house to benefit from the demand for property in Boise, ID, it must look great. This can be done by cleaning, repainting, giving your landscaping and garden a new life, and also de-cluttering. 

Your house is competing with other good houses on sale, therefore it must impress buyers. Preparing your home and conducting repairs can assist you in getting a better deal or a quick sale.

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