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Things to Consider when Selecting a Mirror Frame

Posted On Thursday, 23 July 2020 20:23

Upgrading from a frameless mirror to a framed mirror is an important decision every homeowner can make. But the selection and installation process can be intimidating for beginners. The selection of the best mirror frame is challenging due to the availability of numerous designs in the market.

With the right experience, you can install a mirror frame yourself using DIY Mirror Frame Kits.

The major factors to consider while selecting a suitable mirror frame include:

The style of your home

The frame you select needs to integrate seamlessly with the general style of your home. The things to consider are the color of your room, design, and style. If you have a modern and sophisticated home design, then it is recommended that you select modern and exotic mirror frame designs. On the other hand, if your home reflects a traditional and simple style, you need to choose conventional and simple mirror frame designs. 

The size of your mirror

You need to ensure the frame you select perfectly fits in your mirror. It is important to take the measurements of your mirror to determine the size of the frame. If the frame is too large, it will leave the edges of the mirror vulnerable to damage and will not give robust support to your mirror. Also, a small frame will not cover all corners of the mirror, increasing water sipping and damage to the mirror. 

The material of the frame

Some frames are made of wood, silver, and gold, among others. Frames differ in their durability, and you need to select accordingly. Also, depending on the material, the prices of the frame will vary. Find something that works within your budgetary requirements and something durable.

Space of your room

The framed mirrors bring out elegance and sophistication in any room. However, they tend to be bulkier and consume large spaces than frameless mirrors. If you are considering investing in a framed mirror, allocate sufficient space for the mirror. If your room is small, you can invest in a small framed mirror that does not require much space.

If you want to upgrade your frameless mirror to a framed mirror, ensure that there is sufficient space for the frame. If the recent location of the mirror can not offer enough space for the frame, you can consider moving the mirror to a site that has adequate space.  

The shape of your mirror

Mirror shapes range from rectangular, circular, and oval, among others. The frame you select needs to integrate with the shape of the mirror. For instance, a rectangular mirror will require a rectangular frame, while an oval mirror will require an oval frame. Ensure you have the mirror specifications in terms of shape while selecting a good framework for your mirror.

Bottom Line

In the selection and buying process of a good mirror, you need to select a frame that suits your design and style. Also, you need to consider the material of the frame, size, and shape of your mirror. Lastly, it would be best if you had a framework that works within your budgetary allocations.

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