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Is your calendar secretly controlling you?!

Posted On Sunday, 26 July 2020 19:48

We all joke about it, but the “machines” really do control us in some way. If the machine says, “Turn left at the traffic light”, who are we to argue?  

Your calendar is another “machine” that can easily take over your life. People schedule meetings without a proper agenda, yet we show up. People schedule meetings which trample on our personal time, yet we accept the invitation. People email and or call us ad infinitum to schedule a meeting and we keep on responding. Random people we don’t know schedule meetings with us and now we have to go find out who they are by wading through endless LinkedIn profiles. “Is this the right Sara Jone?!” Surely there’s a better way?!

Real estate professionals, take control of your calendar today!

Calendar.AI lets you take control of your schedule. Our personal calendar assistant allows you to block off time and send out a scheduling link for others to set meetings based on your availability. No trampling on your personal time and no endless loops of emails while trying to schedule a meeting. 

We also provide enriched data insights about your meeting participants. Loosely translated, it means not having to Google or search on LinkedIn to see who all these people are in your calendar. You can see work history, social profiles, news, and more. Most importantly you’ll have all the information you need to make an excellent first impression. 

See why Calendar.AI is the calendar app of choice for real estate professionals. 

Benefits of Calendar.AI

1. Discover the “secrets” of the people you meet with as enriched data insights are viewed directly in the meeting invite. Say goodbye to Googling people all day just to figure out who they are.
2. Set up a personal calendar assistant to work for you and your schedule. Say goodbye to an endless cycle of emails just to schedule a meeting.
3. All notes, tasks and agendas are tied directly to your calendar invite. Say goodbye to searching through old attachments just to see the last agenda and action items.
4. Hello excellent first impressions! With the data you need right at your fingertips you’ll always make an excellent first impression when you meet someone new.

Calendar.AI is literally the last calendar app you’ll ever need

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