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How to Design a Relaxing Space

Posted On Saturday, 12 September 2020 23:06

Everyone needs a space within their home where they can go to relax. It may be your bedroom, or it may be another room in your home. Before you start to think about the overall design and aesthetics of what you like, choose a room in your home that you spend the most time in. This could be the room your family uses the most throughout the day or a room you like to entertain in.

Regardless of its location, keeping some key concepts in mind will allow you to create a place that is your peaceful retreat from the pressures of the world.

Choose Calming Colors

The first key when creating a relaxing area is to choose cool colors. Therefore, you may want to consider using blue, green, and the neutrals white, gray, or silver in the space. Avoid neutral tones and warm colors as they provide energy to a space. While you will want to use it on your walls, you also need to use it in other areas of the room. For example, you might want to put down an area rug or carpet in a cool color. Choose furniture that is also in cool colors to avoid a jarring effect that overpowers your calm color choice. When thinking about your color choices, if the area is your bedroom, then choose cool color bedding to cover your mattress. 

Pick the Right Lighting

In order to create a calming space, you also need to use the right lighting. Avoid lights that are too harsh as they will destroy the calming effect. Instead, you may want to use natural light streaming through a window or choose low-temperature lights that are on dimmers so that you can adjust the light level very low.

Arrange the Furniture

Choosing the right furniture is another key that you need to consider when creating a restful spot. Choose furniture in cool colors that is comfortable. Overstuffed chairs often work very well. It is also vital that you arrange your furniture so that it has a calming effect because continually fearing that you are going to trip over it has the opposite effect. One useful technique is triangulation

Start by placing two end tables on either side of your sofa. You want guest to have a place to put a drink or tablet when they are done experiencing pirot life with Juicy Booty slots online. Then, hang a piece of artwork above the sofa to create a triangle. Especially if the room lacks an architectural focal point, you must create one so that the eyes have a place to rest. If the room is large, then consider creating seating groups as larger spaces tend to feel more uncomfortable. 

Manage Noise

Noises can easily make a space less than restful, so you must try to create a quiet area. If you have noisy neighbors or hear a lot of street noise, then consider playing instrumental in the background or using a white noise machine. A tabletop fountain can even help masks some sounds while helping to create a calming environment. 

Use Essential Oils 

It is also vital that the room smells good, and using essential oils can help. Many essential oils, such as clary sage, lavender, lemon, and rose, also help to quiet the mind. You can use essential oils in a diffuser. You may also want to consider using smell-good candles that put off calming scents. 

Once you get these basic concepts down, then you can accessorize the room as you want. Using minimalistic ideas often works best because clutter can add additional stress.

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